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Stanabol Tablets

Stanabol Tablets

Stanabol tablets by British Dragon

  • Effective substance: stanozolol in tablet form
  • Content: 10 mg/tab
  • Box with: 100 tablets
  • Known as: winstrol, wini, stano, stanozololum, stanozololo, estanozolol, Androstanazole, androstanazol, stanazol, stanazolol, Anaysynth, Menabol, Neurabol Caps, Stanabolic, Stanol, Stanztab, Stargate, Stromba, Strombaject, Sungate, Tevabolin, Winstrol Depot, Winstrol-V


The Stanozolol hormone has 2 purposes,

  1. increasing athletic performance
  2. aiding the individual during a cutting cycle.

This is a steroid that will greatly aid in increasing strength and this can be translated into physical power as well as speed. It will not add a lot of weight (usual many performance athletes do not want). Stanabol tablets have a much shorter detection period. For 3 weeks after use is discontinued. Injectable form is detectable for approx. 2 months.

The Stanabol is also an excellent addition to a cutting cycle. The hormone can greatly add to the hardness of a physique as well as promote increased vascularity. But one must to be at a lean state for this effect to be noticed..

Manufacturer: British Dragon (copy), England

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