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rhGH 30iu by Genesis

rhGH 30iu by Genesis

rhGH by Genesis,

  • Effective substance: growth hormone,
  • Content: 30iu of HGH
HGH (Human Growth Hormones) is a natural hormone occuring in our bodies that we should value greatly, but credibly even think about. As kids, these growth hormones assist our bodies and our internal organs grow and turn strong. As we grow older, the quantity of this hormone in our body falls. At age twenty-five, the HGH point in our body is about 600 ug. From age sixty, the number can step by step fall to 15 percent, or 90ug. When HGH falls, our bodies age faster.
HGH will be the most significant drug for cycling off of a steroid cycle so that lean body mass can be maintained and to preclude deposit of fat in fatty tissue.
HGH is effective as an anti-catabolic drug also as an anti-proteolytic drug that will alter the body’s metabolic process from utilization of amino acids and glucose to using fat for fuel. This is preferable because the user prefer to preserve glycogen and protein in the muscle.
HGH should be applied one time per day, but some may use it double per day; altho its hard to see any real advantage of injecting HGH more than onetime per day.
Right dose for hGH should be a minimum of 4 I.U. and not more than 12-14 I.U. per day. If the dose goes much higher than 14 I.U. per day the user can run the risk of nerve impingement and/or adema.
Dosage: 4 I.U. - 14 I.U. per day

Manufacturer: Genesis, Singapore

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