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Propionate LA

Propionate LA

Propionate LA is a very strong injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is highly appreciated amongst bodybuilders for the special properties of its active substance, testosterone propionate. Thanks to them, the product provides perfect results in both bulking and cutting cycles. For medical purposes, Propionate is used for the treatment of insufficient production of hormones by men and breast cancer by women. Propionate has positive effects on the saving of proteins in muscles. As a result, the muscles grow faster and reach bigger bulk. The product also gives the bodybuilder new energy and strength. The fact, that it burns fats effectively, is the reason for its use in contest preparation. Propionate has a tendency to reduce the natural production of testosterone. For this fact, HCG should be always a part of the off-cycle to help the production to regenerate. Simultaneously with the use of Propionate, antiestrogens, for example mesterolone or tamoxifene citrate, should be taken in order to minimalize the risk of Gynecomastia. An average dose of Propionate by men is between 500 and 1000 mg in one week. For steroid beginners, 500 mg is the weekly maximum. Propionate is not meant for women, because it leads to virilization. Acne, increased aggressiveness, high level of cholesterol or increased blood pressure can be the side effects of Propionate besides the already mentioned ones.

Manufacturer: La Pharma, Thailand

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