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Humano Trope

Humano Trope

You will receive HGH in powder form. 30iu

We recommend that you use sterile “bacteriostatic” solutions to mix the HGH. You can buy this water in any Pharmacy without prescription.

Humano Trope HGH is an effective Human Growth Hormone which is used by bodybuilders as the most significant drug for cycling off of a steroid cycle. Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone which occurs in the human body and helps in the growth and proper functioning of the body. In children, HGH is found in great quantity and helps them in growth. It also helps their body parts and internal organs to grow and overall become strong. HGH is also known to keep our bodies young and a lack of natural human growth hormone in the body causes our bodies to age faster. Humano Trope is a synthetically formulated HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which acts in a similar way to the naturally occurring growth hormone produced by our bodies. As we grow old, the quantity of HGH produced by our bodies gradually falls. The highest levels of HGH are recorded at the growing age in children. In young adults too, the amount of HGH produced by the body is significantly higher. People in the age of twenty-five usually have around 600 ug in their bodies. By the age of 60 years, the HGH levels fall to 90 ug, which causes the body to become old faster. Humano Trope is used by bodybuilders for cycling off of a steroid cycle so that lean body mass can be maintained and to preclude deposit of fat in fatty tissue. There are many other kinds of human growth hormones available in the market, which are used for the same purpose. HGH is effective as an anti-catabolic drug and is also used as an anti-proteolytic drug that will alter the bodys metabolic process from utilization of amino acids and glucose to using fat for fuel. This may be necessary if the user prefers to preserve glycogen and protein in the muscle. Dosage and Administration Like most other human growth hormones, Humano Trope should be applied one time per day.

The recommended dosage is between 4 I.U. - 12 I.U. per day. Some users may prefer to use it twice a day, although it is hard to see the real advantage of injecting HGH more than once per day. Maximum dosage should not exceed 14 I.U. per day as higher doses carry with them the risk of nerve impingement and/or adema.

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