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Halotestin Hubei

Halotestin Hubei

Pharmaceutical Name: fluoxymesterone Chemical Structure: 9-fluoro-11ß,17ß-dihydroxy-17a-methylandost-4-en-3-one Effective Dose: 10-40 mg/day Halotestin is one of the most liver-toxic steroids and it should be avoided unless one has specific aims that can’t be achieved with other drug. It is usually used by weightlifters who want to achieve strength without crossing their weight category. Some bodybuilders use fluoxymesterone in cutting cycles, although it can always be replaced by a safer steroid. This medicament should never be used by beginners or those not fully familiar with it. The main advantage of Halotestin is its zero estrogenic effect and significant androgenic effect (if this is what you want to achieve). Water and fat retention are thus not an issue with fluoxymesterone. Anabolic effects are not dramatic comparing to most steroids. Safety: Main concern with Halotestin use is liver-disease, which is almost inevitable with even medium-term use. Prudence is advised.

Manufacturer: Hubei, China

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