WWE and Steroids
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WWE and Steroids

For those who don’t know, WWE is basically an entertainment company, which features some media revenue sources such as product sales, music, and film. But, they’re most renowned for their professional wrestling events that are available on pay-per-view and on cable TV. Surprisingly, most of their professional wrestlers have gone on to star in many Hollywood shows and movies.

WWE was established in year 1980 by Linda and Vince McMahon who led this to be the most well-renowned and biggest wrestling promotional company across the globe.

It’s essential to understand that the WWE events aren’t legitimate sports contests, yet are rather choreographed and scripted performances meant for some entertainment purposes. But, the largest myth regarding WWE is that professional wrestling is safe because the athletes aren’t making full contact with one another. Some people are aware that there were countless serious injuries in professional wrestling from spine and neck injuries to brain injuries, death, paralysis, and broken bones. It takes an incredible talent to have endurance combined with the strength to get through the match. However, lots of professional wrestlers need to deal with permanent injuries even after years of retiring. For this reason, the pressure to perform wrestling at high level leads to the use of some performance enhancing hormones or drugs and some compounds like steroids.

What Are the Commonly Used Steroids in the World of WWE?

It’d be easy to get away with the use of HGH and some peptides that have short detection time windows and non-estered testosterone and trenbolone are easy to hide. For instance, the detection time of testosterone propionate is only two weeks, so if one was to fail the very first test, they might re-test in two weeks as well as pass the next testing round without any problems arising. What is more is that majority of oral steroids might be abused heavily as they wouldn’t be detectable after a long time.

The Perks of Using PEDs

The wrestlers of WWE should have the ability in recovering quickly for the reason that their bodies take a lot of pounding, maybe more than in any kind of sport and they do so often. For better comprehension of the type of stress that professional wrestlers should go through, you may attempt to pick up 250 lb weight at a gym and throw that over again. That is the reason why HGH was heavily abused in the world of wrestling. Other than that, stamina and strength are essential, so boosting mass and red blood cells will surely help. Thus, anabolic steroids like trenbolone and testosterone as well as some oral steroids including anadrol and halo would be beneficial.

Professional Wrestlers Who Admitted or Denied Using Drugs

The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is a former professional wrestler who’s now making huge money as an actor in Hollywood. However, when asked about using steroid, he just said that other people like to negate the hard work he puts in. Another famous professional wrestler in WWE is John Cena and said that he doesn’t use steroids and all of his competitions were drug tested always.