Which Steroids are used by the cyclists?
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Which Steroids are used by the cyclists?

Cyclists are some of the sports professionals that really need all the power that they can get. It’s incredibly important for them to get good results, and using the right steroids can give them the upper edge. But what steroids are used by cyclists? This depends on the cyclist, his experience and some other important factors that they have to take into account depending on the situation.

Benefits of ASS

Steroids are OK for some cyclists, as they do tend to increase the bloodflow and offer some similar benefits that lead to increased efficiency and better results from a performance standpoint. Getting this type of benefits is not that hard, but it does go to show that results can be more than distinct in the long term. What you do need to make sure when you use Steroids as a cyclist is the long term exposure to the steroid.

As you know, short term exposure is not a problem. It’s the long term stuff that can be problematic here, and you do want to avoid any potential issues as much as you can. Doing that isn’t going to be easy, and that’s exactly what you want to take into consideration.

So which are used?

A lot of people consider that EQ is a very good choice. But if possible, cyclists also focus on Anavar. This is a good combo that tends to work really well for most athletes here. Keep in mind that these are rather mild when compared to other steroids. This means you get to receive a very good boost in cardio and endurance. It’s the reason why a lot of people try it out to begin with, and you definitely want to keep this in mind for that reason alone.

Another popular option would be Primo, because that one is also pretty good. It manages to increase your endurance. And as you can imagine, endurance increases are vital for cyclists. That’s why they are doing everything they can in order to obtain the best possible results as much as possible.

Testosterone Cypionate is another good option in this regard. The fact that it works really nice is quite amazing in its own right, and it goes to show that the value you can obtain from these steroids is nothing short of amazing. All you need is to consider giving these a try, but you do have to talk with your doctor first.


Of course, these Steroids are mostly for cyclists. As a non-cyclist, you shouldn’t really think about using these. But it is a good idea to give Steroids a try if you want that extra boost. It’s the long term use that can cause a bit of problems here and there. If you know how to take these steroids and how to harness them, results can be more than ok. It’s certainly a clear challenge, but once that’s bound to bring in front some amazing opportunities. Yes, Steroids can be pretty good for cyclists, but knowing how to use them is a crucial aspect as well.