Which Steroids are Androgens
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Which Steroids are Androgens

Many of you have probably heard or even tried androgenic steroids. These are casually referred to as steroids on TV and in the media all the time.

Aside from that, there are lots of speculations as to who uses steroids, and any actor or athlete who shows a sudden boost in performance is under serious scrutiny not only by doctors, officials, but also the general public.

Up to this day and age, many people still fail to understand what steroids really are or what they do in the first place. In this context, the word steroids is the shortened term for the anabolic androgenic steroids. Oftentimes, these are called anabolic steroids or simply steroids.

Androgenic Steroids: A Short Definition

Knowing the complete name is essential if you want to understand and determine what steroids can do. So, what does androgenic mean in the first place?

Androgens are synthetic or natural substance which regulates testosterone, the male sex hormones. Their structure is the same with cholesterol with a 4-ringed carbon core.

When you say something is androgenic, it means that the thing is promoting the development of male secondary and primary sexual traits through binding with the androgen receptors.

What Makes Up Steroids?

The testes produce organic steroids in human body, and these are the ones that make testosterone. The steroids have four rings which are organized in distinct sequence. The three most common steroids that the body generates include testosterone, dexamethasone, and estradiol.

The synthetic steroids are the derivatives of male hormone testosterone. These are produced through the modification of basic steroid core.

Many steroids are considered illegal in certain places such as Canada, Australia, and the United States.

If you like to use these legally, make sure that you ask for a prescription from a registered doctor. However, for you to get this prescription, most of the time, you need to have a specific underlying condition which requires treatment using these drugs.

How Many Androgenic Steroids Can You Find in the Market?

The list of steroids that are androgens is a long one, and this contains more than 100 different types of these steroids. All of these 100 kinds are just the well known types. Since these drugs are usually illegal, majority of the trade and production for recreational use takes place underground.

The underground steroids are very in demand, and certain varieties even managed to overtake the prescription brands. Such drugs sometimes underwent tweaking to improve performance. There are also others which are cut or even stacked with some other supplements.

A few of the most famous steroids that are being used for enhancing performance include Winstrol, Dianabol, Anavar, and Anadrol. All these steroids are androgenic as well as anabolic.

Side effects of androgenic steroids are those which are often associated with the use of steroids, particularly use of steroids in women. These androgenic side effects are those which affect the sex drive, hair, and skin of the user.

Before using androgenic steroids, make sure you consult your doctor first.