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Methandienone is a synthetic form of testosterone. While it had once been widely used for medical use it has now been discontinued in the majority of countries worldwide. It has also been used as a performance enhancing drug and is a controlled substance in both the USA and the UK, however it still remains popular with bodybuilders.


A synthetic, oral anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS), it was first developed in 1957 by CIBA. It quickly became popular with both professional and amateur athletes having been promoted widely in both Germany and the USA. To this day it remains the most commonly used orally active AAS for non-medical use, despite the CIBA Dianabol stopping being manufactured in 1983 due to the risks and dangers it poses.

When it was first developed it was approved for use in treating hypogonadism, though it was later used for treatment of post-meopausal osteoporosis and pituitary-deficient dwarfism. By 1985 the FDA had stopped all manufacturing and marketing of Methandienone for medical use and by 1990 it was outlawed for non-medical use in the USA completely.


Although there are strict limitations on the use of Methandienone it is still widely available in Europe, Mexico and some Asian countries. As a result the illegal trade means the drug is still widely available for people who wish to bulk up. It is so popular with body builders as it increases the strength and stamina of the user meaning people trying to build muscle can lift heavier weights for much longer periods of time. The positive effects of using Methandienone are almost instantaneous, however this does not come without significant risks.

Side Effects

For those using Methandienone on a regular basis it is advised that you have your liver monitored regularly as it causes damage to the liver very easily. This is one of the most serious side-effects of prolonged use of the drug and is what initiated it being banned in the first place. As well as the severe liver damage it affects hormone regulation within the body, suppressing testosterone production and being easily converted into estrogen can cause side effects such as swelling of the breasts in men and water retention. This hormone imbalance also increases excessive growth of hair on the body and face while accelerating male-pattern baldness. Cardiovascular issues are also a grave concern with use of Methandienone as is high blood pressure, raised levels of bad cholesterol and the lowering of good cholesterol.


Despite the health risks associated with Methandienone it is still a popular form of steroid used widely throughout the world. It is particularly with bodybuilders and those aiming to gain muscle weight rapidly. It is used towards the start of the cycle for the majority of bodybuilders as it puts muscle on very quickly whereas other drugs take more time for the effects to take hold. As a result of this rapid gain, however, there is also rapid loss and unless it is taken continuously the strength and stamina that has been built up during use can very quickly drop off.

Use of this substance is widely banned yet it is still sold in Europe, Mexico and manufactured in some Asian countries which makes regulating the drug very difficult. For those with a desire to use the drug it is normally fairly easy to get their hand on with little chance of being caught. Use in professional sports is largely prohibited and this means that using it will result in bans for those who are found. This is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon as testing has increased in both accuracy and frequency within the sports worlds. Check this article for information about HALF LIFE of D-BOL.


Due to the severe side effects that come with prolonged use of Methandienone it is ill advised and no longer used as a medical drug. This has not stopped the production of it in both legal and illegal means and it remains one of the most popular AAS’s used throughout the world of bodybuilding due to the rapid response of using it. This drug works much faster than many other testosterone based steroids however this doesn’t come without risks and use is not only ill advised but completely banned in a lot of countries.