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Which steroids are used by triathlon athletes?

Triathlon is a combination of three sports, swimming, cycling, and running. It is among the new forms of sports. It started in the earlier 20th century, and by the end of the century, it became popular enough to be included in the Olympics.

It is not a sprint or 5000 meters run. However, it is far less demanding than “Tour de France” or even bit less demanding than a marathon. It is categorized as endurance sports, though it does need muscular strength too.

Why steroids

Triathlon is a combination of strength and endurance. It means training would involve building muscular strength and improving stamina.

There is a reason why those preparing for a triathlon may use steroids.

For gaining muscular mass, nothing is better than pumping iron, steroids, and high protein diet. Choosing steroids for triathlon could be challenging due to specific demands of the sports. Lots would also depend on whether a person is in the early stages or late stage of preparation.

There is a difference between using steroid for bodybuilding and preparing for a triathlon.

Early Stages of training

During the early stages, when a person is focusing on gaining muscle mass and strength, most steroids would work. Testosterone would be a good choice too. Short-acting testosterone like propionate is regarded as good, as it is good at improving strength, it has low water-retaining action.

Advanced stage of training

However, during the advanced stage of training focus shifts from bulking to gaining strength, cutting, maintaining muscular power. For the purpose, good steroids are Anavar, Primobolan depot. Winstrol is regarded as among the best when preparing for competition because of its ability to keep gains.

The non-anabolic steroid may also have a role during the intensive periods of training. Corticosteroids (dexamethasone, prednisolone) may help recover faster. They also improve glucose levels while training. But, they must be used with care, as the prolonged use is terrible for immunity.


Another vital component of endurance sports training is improving the oxygen-carrying capacity of heart, lungs, and blood. Specific exercises are used to better their abilities. Training at higher altitude may also help those failing to improve endurance.

Blood doping

Blood doping may improve competition performance. It is among the safest methods used to improve endurance. In this method, athlete stores his/her blood for later use, before competitions athlete infuses it back into his or her body. This boost the amount of blood (red blood cells) before the competition.


EPO or erythropoietin is another compound used in endurance sports. It is a type of hormone produced by kidneys, that stimulates the production of red blood cells by bone marrow in humans. Nowadays, it is mass produced by using genetically modified microbes.

EPO can help both during the training and while preparing for competition. It increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, thus boosting the oxygen-carrying capacity. All this means higher stamina, ability to train longer. During the competition, it helps to endure stress better, keep muscles better supplied with oxygen.


Triathlon is a combination sport that needs strength and endurance. Best results would come when various training strategies are used. Similarly, different steroids are used at different stages of preparation.