Top Benefits of Testosterone
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Top Benefits of Testosterone

Testosterone is a complex hormone in the body! For centuries, science has engaged in serious studies to understand the benefits and role of this hormone. This hormone is responsible for many activities in a man’s body. In general, the hormone plays a major role in:

  1. Facial and pubic hair growth
  2. Bone and muscle mass
  3. Development of deeper voices
  4. Sex drive
  5. Better quality of life
  6. Improved thinking ability and verbal memory

It is important for a man to have healthy testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are low, you must be treated.

Here are few reasons to improve testosterone levels in your body (for men)!

#1 Improved Cardiovascular Health

The heart plays an important role in the body. It is responsible for pumping blood to different parts of the body. It supports all organs and muscles with oxygen. Testosterone supports the heart during the production of red blood cells. This happens in the bone marrow. Men with low testosterone levels are likely to face cardiovascular problems.

A study in the 2000s revealed that treating the production of testosterone in your body can reduce the risks of heart diseases. You will be able to increase your jogging and walking distance by at least 30%. In fact, testosterone widens arteries and keeps them healthy.

Men with high testosterone levels are 25% less likely to face heart attacks and are 40% less likely to face stroke.

#2 More Muscle Growth

The bond between testosterone and improved muscle mass is high! You need high levels of testosterone to promote muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is required to increase energy levels and control body mass.

Studies reveal that men with low testosterone levels have high-fat mass and little strength. Treating testosterone levels have increased strength and muscle mass in these men! Indeed, people who wish to engage in strength training need high levels of testosterone.

#3 Stronger Bones!

The talk about testosterone will be incomplete without “stronger bones”. The hormone affects bone mineral density. With age, bone density starts to decrease in the body. This is when problems like osteoporosis and weak bones begin. You need strong bones and high bone mineral density to stay athletic and active.

Men with high levels of testosterone have better hip bone and spinal cord density. Some studies reveal that men with high testosterone levels are less likely to face bone fracture.

Few other benefits of testosterone would be better mathematical reasoning, verbal memory and the ability to perform spatial activities.