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Top 5 mistakes when injecting steroids

Injecting any solution is a complicated medical procedure, if done improperly, it may harm a person. In a case of severe error, a person may even end up in a hospital, rarely mistakes while injecting may cost a life.

Yes, injecting is a serious business, and knowing all the possible mishaps and complications that may occur is worth remembering. Those taking steroids are at higher risk of complications due to injections for multiple reasons. They make these injections without training and in less hygienic conditions. Moreover, many of the individuals take such doses for years together. All this increases the risk of making a mistake.


  1. Mistakably injecting into the blood vessel- it is perhaps the gravest of mistake that can be made, and it can be fatal. Testosterone injections are oil based solutions strictly for intramuscular use. If injected in the blood vessel, by error, it can cause embolism or blockage of blood vessels – resulting in life-threatening complications.

Therefore, when injecting steroids, always make sure that it is in a MUSCLE. One way to assure that is to pull back the piston of the back. If the is in a blood vessel, then it would get filled with .

  1. Injecting at wrong site- it could be either not injecting in muscles or not injecting deep enough (subcutaneous). If the wrong location is selected for injection, it may cause local swelling and pain. In rare cases, the site of injection may even get infected.
  2. Sharing syringes- although most people are well aware of the risks involved in sharing needles, however, it remains one of the most common mistakes. Reasons for such error could be many, from neglection to lack of knowledge. Quite often athletes have difficulty in acquiring testosterones or steroid. Thus they may inject at secluded places. Such places may lack proper sanitary conditions, worst, some of the buddies may share a syringe.
  3. Repeatedly injecting at the same site- may be not very dangerous, but inevitably it may cause discomfort. Most of the steroids contain other chemicals to improve the stability of the hormone. These added chemicals are a local irritant. It means that on repeated injection at the same site, muscle fibers may be injured, there may be an overgrowth of connective tissue at that place. It would often feel like a lump at the site of injection, long after the procedure.
  4. Using the wrong kind of needle may also make injecting difficult, and painful. Quite often individuals may use smaller and sharper needles to reduce pain. However, extremely short needles may not be fit for pumping oily solutions.

Above are the most common mistakes. If a person is an experienced steroids user, it does not mean that he or she cannot make mistakes. There is a need to stay alert in all the cases. Statistics indicate that even the well trained medical staff make mistakes.

Other common mistakes could be injecting a wrong kind of dose. Sometimes a person may get confused and even inject an entirely different thing.


So next time when you decide to inject a steroid, better make complete preparation. It would also be better to ask someone else to inject, as chances of error are higher when self-injecting.

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