Testosterone Enanthate
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Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate also is known as Testosterone heptanoate is androgen as well as an anabolic steroid. This is a testosterone ester. This is the closest form of testosterone to the real hormone. Testosterone Enanthate was first developed in the 1930’s.


Men peak with their testosterone levels in their 30’s. This can cause a lot of problems because during this time, many of them are ready to settle down and start a family. If a man suffers from low T, it means he may not be able to have a child as easily as a man in his 20’s or even at all.

Testosterone Enanthate is used for many different things in the men's department. Taking testosterone Enanthate will help men who have lost sex drive, or have had a low sperm count. When a man has a low sperm count it can make it difficult to have a child.  When taking testosterone, sperm count is proven to increase making you more fertile as well. It is known to make a man have a better sex drive.

Low T

If you suffer from low testosterone, your doctor may have you at a certain amount for injection every so often to help you have a better chance at receiving your dream of a child or even just not having issues in the bedroom.

Not only will it help with the bedroom issues but it can also help build muscle mass and bone density. Testosterone can also help increase your metabolism and this will help you lose weight as well.  This can help in the weights department. When you are lifting weights, testosterone is used and when you have low T it makes you not able to build muscle as fast and your bones are less dense.


Testosterone Enanthate is a great invention to have around. However, it is the most abused substance for athletes on the market because it is a cheaper drug for them. Bodybuilders, professional athletes, and other people will use this drug for building muscle and not in the right dosages from a professional causing it to be dangerous.


Testosterone Ethanate can also help treat women with breast cancer.  Estrogen, the natural hormone that women have causes the cells to reproduce. These cells if you have cancer have the potential and most likely have cancer. However, when taking testosterone, it kills the cancer cells and new forming cells that have cancerous properties. There also is a low rate of recurrence of cancer when people take testosterone when having breast cancer. The only problem of this method is that if the body recognizes it as too much testosterone, it will start forming the testosterone to estrogen which could potentially lead to more problems. This, however, rarely happens.


Testosterone Enanthate can also help Alzheimer's as well. If someone is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s testosterone can be given and it can help slow the progression of the disease. Testosterone and Alzheimer’s is a newer discovery so they are unsure how safe it is. Doctors and specialists are sure that it can help prevent any further damage if given in the early stages of the disease but they do not know if it is safe to give in high amounts.

Now with both the breast cancer and Alzheimer’s cases, there is a drug that goes along with the testosterone to prevent it from turning into testosterone. This works really well. There have been a number of successes with breast cancer treatments.


Not only has there been a proven success rate with cancer patients with breast cancer, there has been a proven success with patients taking a high dosage of testosterone for prostate cancer. This was a trial back in December of 2016. Several patients with severe prostate cancer had taken part in this trial and it had shrunk the tumors dramatically. For years the treatment for prostate cancer was to completely block off or even cut out the testosterone producing glands but in this study it has shown specialists that at high levels it can shrink the tumors to nothing and cure certain people. Some people it can shrink the tumor enough where chemotherapy will take care of the rest. This process is still in developmental stages and specialists are still trying to figure out how exactly it works because sometimes it can worsen pain in patients who have pain already but not in patients who have no pain. Specialists are also trying to figure out how to incorporate it into the program for treatment. It is however still in very early stages of experimentation.


When taking Testosterone Ethanate, always make sure it is monitored by a professional. It has many key benefits that can make the quality of life better for the average person. If you abuse testosterone it can make life deadly because at high dosages it can be potentially fatal. Testosterone Ethanate is a steroid and should only be used when needed and prescribed by a doctor.