Testosterone cypionate
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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is an androgen and an anabolic steroid. Testosterone Cypionate is also testosterone ester.


Many men after the age of 30 have peaked in testosterone levels and start to lose their sex drive. This means lack of performance in the bedroom and function. Which is not good. Let’s face it, by the time many men are ready to settle down and have children a lot of them cannot. Many men are faced with this problem called Low T or Low Testosterone and hormone therapy will help them.

Specialists will help a man who has Low T improve fertility, bedroom problems, and cause a man to function better just with a little hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is where every few weeks you will go to a doctor and get an injection of testosterone. This will improve performance overall plus it has other benefits that will help not only your sex life but help other problems a man may be having.


A man after the age of  30 loses the ability to gain muscle easily. Testosterone Cypionate will help you gain muscle and keep it. Not only will it help you build muscle better but it can help you tone your body and lose fat. If done in a professional manner and not done in high dosages it can be healthy but only if prescribed by your physician. Remember, this is just a side advantage of taking it for a fertilization reason and taking it from a doctor.

Many people take this steroid in high dosages to build muscle and compete. Many professional athletes try to get away with taking this steroid to help improve performance on the playing field and bulk up. However, taking it in large dosages without a doctor is illegal in many places. People do this because this steroid is cheap and easy to buy on the market. However, in the large dosages that it is consumed in, it is deadly to the person taking it for their personal reasons if not given by a professional. It can cause death if taken in too high of doses all at once.

Other usage

Testosterone Cypionate will also help slow down Alzheimer’s. It can help stop more damage from forming at such a fast rate. However, this discovery is in its newer stages, it is known to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s but it is not known how high of a dosage it can be safely given to an Alzheimer’s patient. It is still in the baby process of this new discovery.

Testosterone Therapy can also help diabetes regulate. If you are a male who is going through Testosterone Therapy and have diabetes, you may notice your blood sugar regulating and becoming more normal. If a male has really bad issues with blood sugar a physician may recommend testosterone shots because it will regulate sugar levels. In these cases, many men have reported weight loss without even trying. Weight loss of over twenty pounds without even lifting a finger! When a male will exercise, he will lose much more weight and his sugars will be even more regulated. This is such a good thing for a diabetic to be of a thinner build because it is easier for the body to process sugars and regulate them. In some cases, it has made people who were going to have to have amputations not have to. It has made people not have to take insulin anymore and made them feel better overall and not feel as if they are going to have to prick their finger every meal. This has helped many men with diabetes.


Many people who take testosterone also feel like a whole new person. They feel younger again. They feel like they are alive for the first time in a long time. Full of energy and not depressed. When your testosterone levels drop you feel groggy and tired but on a hormone therapy it is proven that insomnia is relieved, depression is gone, and you feel the best that you have felt in

When thinking about hormonal therapy it is important you consult a doctor and always take the dosage given to you. Never to take any street testosterone as this can be extremely dangerous. There have been many reported cases of people dying from overdosing on testosterone because it is a steroid and has been abused by certain people. When you want to do hormone therapy always follow a doctor's instructions and do as he or she says.