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Teens and Drugs!

The use of anabolic steroids has increased drastically in the past few years. Thought steroids have many medical uses, teenagers tend to misuse them. This result is a series of side effects. It is extremely dangerous for teenagers to use steroids. Most teenagers’ intake steroids in two different ways:

  1. Some consume the drug orally. This adds excess strain on the liver.
  2. Some teenagers inject steroids into their system. This has less impact on the liver but causes more anabolic effects.

Regardless of how the drugs are used, steroids have a negative impact on teenagers.

Why are steroids unsafe for teens?

Most of the time, teenagers don’t know what they are injecting into their system.

Steroids are drugs rich in testosterone. This hormone is produced naturally in the body. The amount of testosterone in the body can be high. And, teens are never aware of how much testosterone is produced in their body. Usually, the hormone ranges between 800 to 1300 ng/dl.  This is equivalent to steroid shots with 300 mg of testosterone every week. These shots are advised only when the amount of testosterone in your body is very low. Teenagers don’t need steroid shots because they can trigger hormone growth with frequent training and a balanced diet.

Side Effects of Steroids on Teens

Short-term effects of steroids on teens include high blood pressure, increased pulse, muscle cramps, dry mouth, restlessness, insomnia, palpitation, headaches, vomiting, excessive sweating and breathing problems. Most teens feel anxious and nervous all the time.

Unfortunately, steroids have many long-term effects on teenagers.

Steroids increase the risks of cardiovascular problems in teens. It increases the amount of collage in the muscles. This means the size of your heart muscle is likely to double. This will have adverse effects on the performance of your heart. Excess use will result in irregular heartbeat and aorta enlargement.

In the long run, teens are likely to face skeletal effects. Common steroids like Clenbuterol can increase the risks of bone fragility. When combined with excess muscle mass, your bones are more likely to fracture. This is why teens who overuse drugs are fragile.

Thousands of teens around the world are tempted to consume steroids for weight gain and bodybuilding. Meanwhile, a considerable number of teenagers consume drugs to burn excess fat. Perhaps, these are two primary reasons to ban the use of steroids. Weight gain and weight loss must be natural. It should be achieved through drugs.