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Steroids VS natural

Can natural supplements be as good as steroids?


Market is flooded with natural supplements claiming to boost testosterone levels in men, and thousands if not millions of articles have been produced about how they help. Naturally, one may give the question, why to use testosterone or synthetic analogs, when one has a choice of natural supplements. It is reasonable to ask if they would be as good as anabolic steroids?

Well, the big answer is “NO.” None of the natural supplements or food product can come anywhere near to the steroids, though some of them may be good for health. Many may help better when taken in conjunction with steroids. That is why they belong to the category of supplements and not medications or hormonal products.

One may argue that he or she has read research papers about various natural supplements, and they seem to help. It is true that supplements help. However, they help in those cases when one is living with low testosterone levels. Natural products fail to boost testosterone in those with already healthy levels.

The aim of using steroids for performance-enhancing is not to treat testosterone deficiency. Instead, they are used to increase the levels of androgenic and anabolic compounds in the body several times above the natural levels. No single natural supplement has shown the ability to increase testosterone above the physical levels.

Thus our advice is simple. If you are thinking about replacing steroids with some natural testosterone boosters, then better forget about it. However, it is not to suggest that they may not help. Some of the natural supplements are rich in nutrient and compound that may enhance the action of steroids. To use natural supplements or not? The choice is yours. However, you can be sure that they do not replace steroids in any way.


compounds like D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin-D, DHEA, Zinc are known to help to boost testosterone. However, it must be noticed that these compounds are created synthetically. Whereas, zinc is a mineral necessary (in micro doses) for good health and maintaining optimal levels of testosterone.

In case you want to take natural supplements, you can use them with steroids. Though there are limited studies regarding their simultaneous usage, however, their concurrent usage is regarded as safe.

Most of the natural supplements known to boost testosterone levels are used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase libido. Tribulus Terrestris is one such common natural herb that may increase testosterone levels a bit in those with low levels. However, be clear that clinical studies have shown no benefit of it in increasing muscle mass or increasing testosterone in those with normal levels.

Fenugreek is another natural herb commonly recommended for increasing testosterone. Some studies have shown that it may improve libido and help maintain healthy levels of testosterone. Ginger extract and ashwagandha have also shown similar effects in studies.

In conclusion. None of the natural supplements would work like anabolic steroids. They may help a bit in normalizing testosterone levels in those with low levels of the hormone.