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Buy steroids online or in person

Buying steroids online can be a bit challenging thing to do. Not because there is lack of seller, but because of too many Scammers. So let's talk a bit about these abnormal Humans, which are messing around. There are two types of scammers. Both have the same goal which Is to earn money at any cost.


  1. First one does not have steroids, but he will convince you to send money. He will use pictures or just good learned words, which will convince you to send him the money. Most used payment methods are WU, MG, and BTC.
  2. The other will sell you fake products, like clean water or oil without any effects.


"I will call the police!" The most used word after one was tricked by a scammer. But it is a really bad idea to do. The Police usual takes action against you. Why do you want steroids? Did you already use them? Do you sell them? And somehow you end up in Jail. Payment methods as WU or MG are not traceable and most of the scammers are outside the US. So the Police will not bother to find a person who tricked you. They will analyze why you want to use AAS and if you do not know more such people in your Bodybuilding community.


So how do we find out a real seller? Can reviews help? Yes, but also not really. A seller can buy reviews, or make self some fake reviews. Unfortunately, there are also people who will make fake reviews even if the shop is real. This has three reasons why this occurs:


  1. A different seller wants to mess up competitor’s business, so he will directly write a fake review
  2. There are customers who are waiting for miracles from the usage of steroids. If they are not satisfied, they will write a bad review, even after they don't know how they should use AAS. If you are one of these people, just ask. We can help with your cycle.
  3. Paid reviewers. There are people who want money for a review; if you do not pay them, they will write a bad review just because they were rejected.


Receiving steroids per post or in person

In person

What do you think is safer? Some like to do it in person, cash, real gear... why not? But keep in mind, you need to know the seller. Otherwise, it can be a policeman.

We prefer anonymity. Knowing a seller directly is not safe. If he will get caught he could tell the police all his buyers. And if the seller is inside your Country, there is high risk you can be involved.


We recommend this way to receive products. Why? It is safe. Yes, there are people who are thinking that the sign in option for packages is dangerous. But the reality is that this is only used for the post as a proof for the sender, that the package was delivered. A receiver is NEVER responsible for the incoming package. Let me explain:

I know the address of President Trump. I will send him illegal drugs. He doesn't know what is in the package; he is curious so that he will pick it up. The police will take him because he accepted the package. This does not work this way!!!! Keep in mind THE RECEIVER IS NEVER RESPONSIBLE for incoming packages from any post. The only thing that can happen is, that the package will get caught by Customs. You just need to send them this if you receive a letter or a call:

"I don't know the sender, and I never bought the products inside the package." They will destroy the package.... but I think the Customs will use the products: P


There will always be a bit risk in buying steroids online. But the risk will always be if you buy steroids. It does not matter if in person, online or from your doc.

To prove, that we are the right place to buy AAS is as follow:

  1. Our web shop is online more than 5 years. You can check it on If we would not be real the web would be closed within few weeks because of bad feedback.
  2. We have more than a hundred pictures of packages that arrived at our Customers (pictures made by our Customers). The link is HERE.
  3. our warehouse is sending 60-100 packages daily.
  4. We have a lot of happy Customers; you can check reviews over the internet.
  5. We ship packages with a tracking number.
  6. All contacts are erased after two months, so you stay anonymous.
  7. If the package gets seized, we will resend the products again!


If you have any question, you can contact us anytime HERE!

Be safe and good luck.