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Steroids and coffee

Is it ok to drink coffee when on steroids?

In short, yes. But it would depend on how much you drink. There is a difference between the use and abuse. It means that drinking coffee in large amounts may not mix well with steroids. There are several reasons why to keep a check on the number of cups you drink when on steroids. However, that said, having a cup or two a day of coffee is absolutely safe.

Coffee contains a psychostimulant called caffeine that has many other effects on the body.  Coffee/caffeine drinks are used by sportsmen to improve performance, to increase energy, to elevate mood. Athletes use steroids to build muscles, improve endurance. Steroids may also alter mood, but mechanism differs from coffee.

In recent years, quite at attention is given to the use of coffee or caffeinated drinks. They are promoted as pre-workout drinks. Many think that coffee can provide the much-needed boost, it may help train faster and stronger.

Coffee may also improve attention, improve mood, help burn fats faster, may reduce pain tolerance. There is a strong reason to believe that coffee works. WADA has banned the use of caffeine in sports.

Research indicates that coffee can seriously improve endurance, strength, and power. It may help sprinters run faster, and lifters lift more weight. In post-workout periods, it may reduce the feeling of pain and fatigue.

Steroids are another group of drugs commonly used by athletes to build muscles, endurance. Steroids are among the most potent drugs available for improving sports performance. They are also among the safest, is used in a planned and educated manner.

How does the steroids mix with coffee?

It would depend a lot on the dose of caffeine. Coffee would not affect steroids use much at a lower dose like a cup or two. However, at the higher doses, things may differ.

Coffee stimulates cardiovascular system; it boosts metabolism, it helps burn fats faster. All this mean that coffee may also accelerate the clearance of steroids from the body.

Coffee may also reduce the effects of steroids by suppressing appetite.

Coffee or high doses of caffeine are addictive, in the long run, they may have severe mood alternating effects. Steroids also affect mood and behavior, they increase aggression, though the underlying mechanism is entirely different from coffee.

It means that combining high doses of caffeine with steroids may have unpredictable effects on behavior. We used the work unpredictable because such effects differ from person to person. Some may be sensitive to coffee; another person may be more sensitive to steroids. There would be people vulnerable to both of them.


In conclusion, coffee would mix well with steroids, and there is no need to worry until or unless you consume too much of coffee like 7-8 cups a day or more (for some 4 cups a day could be enough). Mostly coffee would only mildly change the way steroids work.

However, the use of caffeinated drinks is altogether a different thing as they may contain more massive doses of caffeine. So do not abuse such beverages, particularly when using steroids.