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Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) developed in 1962 by the US pharmaceutical Laboratories, Winthrop. Although this was initially developed as an injectable AAS it has the ability to be made into a tablet form and this is how it is commonly sold. Thought the FDA has approved it for human consumption it is not marketed within the USA and has been banned from use by many sporting bodies.


Throughout its history stanozolol has been used for a variety of reasons on both humans and animals. In humans it has successfully treated hereditary angioedema and anaemia which occurs as a result of genetic allergic reactions. In veterinary circles it is more commonly used and can help the production of red blood cell, improve bone density, stimulate appetite and improve muscle growth.

When it was initially developed it was advertised as helping with a whole list of health conditions however the Kefauver Harris Amendment was also passed in 1962 meaning that manufacturers were required prove the effectiveness of their drugs before they could be approved for use. This had a distinct affect on the use of stanozolol, as many of the stated effects could not be proven. The FDA asked for further proof on two of the positive effects that were stated and found lack of efficacy for a whole host of others, meaning the way the drug was advertised had to be changed completely.

The changes that were made to the labelling and advertising of the drug were changed numerous times over the years and including the FDA asking for a change that stated “As adjunctive therapy in senile and postmenopausal osteoporosis. AAS are without value as primary therapy but may be of value as adjunctive therapy.” on the label of all steroids. This has changed the way the drug has been seen by the medical world and resulted in a distinct downturn in the numbers of prescriptions for its use. In 2010 Lundbeck (the only company producing stanozolol) withdrew it from production and no other company has taken its place. It is still obtainable via a compounding pharmacy.


Although stanozolol is not a banned substance in the USA, it has been discontinued for medical use, largely due to the many adverse side effects associated with prolonged use. Though it is by no means the most dangerous AAS that has been developed that does not mean it is entirely safe and should be monitored closely when you are undergoing a course of this drug.

It can selectively compete with synthetic and natural progestins for progestin receptors causing increased issues with joint pain and joint swelling. Thought it is one of the most readily available steroids out there, it is not the best for those who are wishing to build muscle mass and density. It is more commonly used by those who are trying to lose fat while retaining lean body mass although there is no conclusive evidence that it contains any specific fat-reducing properties.


There are many side effects associated with stanozolol and these can be very serious if not seen to immediately. An allergic reaction, swelling of the arms, legs and ankles, frequent or persistent erections, breast tenderness or enlargement, changes to the voice, hair loss, facial hair growth and menstrual irregularities. In some rare cases it is even known to have caused fatal cases of liver problems and so any signs of liver damage needs to be seen to immediately by a professional. It has also been shown to cause birth defects in newborns and so should not be used by those who are either pregnant or could get pregnant during use.



Although use of Stanozolol does not affect the growth of muscle mass, it is still a banned substance for many sporting bodies. The FDA no longer approves use of the drug for medical usage however it does not deem it inappropriate for human consumption. With how easily available it is, it’s usage is still very common with those who are building muscle mass, especially during ‘down seasons’ and is widely obtainable through legal sources.