Sport and Steroids
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Sports and Doping!

Do you remember the 100th Tour de France?

During stage-1, everyone was talking about who would ride more than 2000 miles through the Alps, ride into Versailles and down Champs-Elysees quickly!

Meanwhile, many viewers were wondering who would be caught for using steroids.

Recent history reveals that only 3 of the 9 winners of this race were never suspended for doping. Even Lance Armstrong was suspected for using steroid drugs. So, does this make Tour de France a tough race that cannot be won without steroids? Fortunately, our last two winners were able to succeed without doping.

The use of steroids is a widespread problem. Between 2003 and 2010, nearly 26 Olympic sports revealed the use of steroids.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these events.

#1 Cycling!

Cycling is strongly influenced by doping. It has a positive result of 3.6%! Apart from having the highest doping percentage, cycling has maintained a steady track record for violent denials.

For instance, Floyd Landis, a renowned American Cyclist who won Tour de France was disqualified due to the use of steroids. He called for charges and succeeded with synthetic testosterone. Doesn’t this sound absurd? Floyd lost all his credibility in the sport and even accused Lance Armstrong of doping.

#2 Weight Lifting

Next in line would be weight lifting! This even has a positive result of 3%! Well, it is not surprising that weightlifters use steroids. The sport is famous for its cheating scandals.

For instance, in the year 2012 Hysen Pulaku, an Albanian weightlifter was accused and caught doping.

#3 Boxing!

Just like weight lifting, boxers are prone to use steroids. A bizarre case with steroids was recorded in the year 2007. The Law Enforcement Unit in the United States revealed the use of steroids in an anti-aging clinic. And, patients who were affected by this case includes “Evan Fields” – who had the same address and birthday as Evander Holyfield!

#4 Triathlon

As interesting as it sounds, only 2.7% of participants are caught for using steroids in triathlon. When compared to boxing and weightlifting, this is a grueling sport.

Dmitriy Gagg of Kazakhstan was caught doping in the 2000 Olympics.

#5 Baseball

The talk about doping remains incomplete without baseball. This sport has a positive result of 2.5%. Before baseball was eliminated from the Olympic event, it scored the highest percentage for steroid use. And, the use of drugs is extremely high during the Major Leagues.