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Sex for the bodybuilder: a necessity or a hindrance?

If you’re a bodybuilder, you are most likely wondering whether sexual activity boosts your metabolism or it has a negative impact on your body. Some people state that having sex will end up interfering with your recovery process. Others believe that it’s ok to have sex if you want to boost your stamina and strength. As you can see, opinions are pretty much divided here. But which one of them is true.

Pros and cons of sex for bodybuilder

Bodybuilders that want to train very often know that having sex ends up interfering with your regular sleep and rest. Basically, you put your muscles under a lot of stress and thus it will be very hard for you to recover on a regular schedule. It shouldn’t affect you that much at first, but it does become a challenge if you have sex very often.

Then you have to think about what happens when you release sperm. Yes, sperm has a lot of protein, which means that you lose protein that could be used for muscle growth. Having that loss before bedtime does seem rather bad, so try to keep that in mind. Your body will also have to focus on generating more sperm, and in that process you will lose energy.

But on the other hand, people that are ok with sex for bodybuilder are right too. The higher the hormonal levels you have, the better confidence you can get. Plus, the improved hormonal background will help you increase your physical exertion. The recovery process can also be improved too, which makes it worthwhile for sure.

What you have to realize here is that if you want to maintain a high testosterone level, you need to have sex often. This is the best way to maintain the testosterone levels as high as possible.

Does it matter if you have sex as a bodybuilder?

There will always be some pros and cons regarding any activity you perform. Sex is no different, so you can’t imagine that having sex will always have a positive impact on your body. But what you do need to realize is that sex is necessary. It helps you maintain a high testosterone level, it boosts your confidence, and it also makes it easy for you to stay in a very good health. There will always be times when it’s hard to maintain a good health. But having sex does help a lot, especially since it also delivers that improved sense of self-esteem.

In the end, yes, you can have sex as a bodybuilder. While you may not want to have sex each day, the reality is that regular sex does come with its own set of benefits for a bodybuilder. So yes, you should totally stop believing those persons that tell you it’s not ok to have sex as a bodybuilder. Everyone has the right and need to have sex. All you need is to find the right sexual schedule that suits your lifestyle and workout routine!