Basic understanding of natural testosterone
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 It is important for the reader that he has a basic understanding of natural testosterone production and they're actions. I know that it's pretty uninteresting for a lot of readers but it is required knowledge. Likewise the obvious, it's kinda amusing to find out what else "the stuff" can do anyway.

 There are many sex hormones. A few such as estradiol, estrone, and progesterone are sex hormones referred to estrogens. Androstenedione, androstenediol, and testosterone are referred to naturally occurring endogenous androgens(made inside the body). The former group is the important hormones in womens causative the formation of female figure fat deposits such as in breast, hips, and cheek areas as well as the formation and growing of the women’s sex organs. The latter group, Androgens, are the important man hormones, theyt are responsible for  a deeper voice, increased muscle and bone mass, facial hair, raising body hair, male sex organ formation, growing, and aggression.

 Men and women produce androgens and estrogens. Female’s main production is estrogens, and men's is androgens. Turnaround this and each will take on their counter-parts characteristic to quite some extent. Our primary focus  is the male´s androgen testosterone and it is nearly infinite derivatives and esters.

 On the average, adult male  produce 4-10 mg of testosterone daily. This means that an average man can synthesize 28-70mg of endogenous testosterone weekly.




 As we all know, womens produce testosterone without testicles. A female's sex hormones are produced at the adrenal glands and ovaries. By a series of conversion enzyme pathways (chemicals that alter the molecular structure of a different chemicals) their bodies synthesize the needed sex, Glucocorticoid, and Mineralocorticoid steroids.

Mineralocorticoid hormones as Aldosterone regulate mineral balances such as electrolytes and their corresponding H2O holding and releasing. Aldosterone is Responsible for a good extent for the bloated looking and edemas female experience during menstruation. Aldosterone release is importantly affected by a different hormones such as estrogens. High estrogen levels result in richly aldosterone levels, which in turn result in high H2O holding.

Glucocorticoid steroids are katabolic (tissue wasting) steroids which break down predominantly destroyed tissues for remediate and future reuse. The catabolized tissues is reused as an energy source, or as a source of amino acids (proteins) for Absorption into fresh tissue. This hormone form will absorb healthy muscle tissue likewise to keep homeostasis (balance between building and bucking ). The primary glucocorticoid steroid hormone is cortisol due to the truth that it has a heavy katabolic effect on a muscle tissue. "Why don’t bodybuilders just break off all cortisol synthesis For some reason and be the next Mr. Olympia ?", Allow me to explain. Their aim is to regulate, not to stop, cortisol production. Tissue can't be restored or made bigger-stronger unless it's first damaged and cleared of the wastes made. Cortisol aids in this metabolic process. Without them, anabolic (tissue making) hormones and chemicals would greatly drop off their forces (and immune systems would break down to work adequately). And so their goal is to allow enough cortisol for right catabolism and immune function, only not so much as to allow catabolism to get dominant all over anabolism. Cortisol action can As well be controlled site-specifically, but that is a total another issue. Male and female endogenously (naturally occurring in the body) synthesize mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid steroids.



 Men's synthesize androgens at a lot higher levelthan womens because they have testicles. Testicles are related to as "balls" and are placed in the scrotum. They also create androgens through biosynthesis due to enzymatic pathways beginning from the adrenal glands which are placed by the kidneys. Predominantly, the adrenal glands (at that place are two) make epinephrine, which is  Named adrenaline too, only it make a different hormones normally referred to as prohormones through a biosynthesis actions and due to conversion enzymes. The lion’s share of a man’s androgens are made by the Leydig's cells placed in the testes. The most active and dominant androgen is testosterone.

 Testosterone production is ruled by the hypothalamus- pituitary -testes –axis Related to afterlife as the "HPTA". The HPTA makes a series of checks and balances all Determined by serum (the liquid part of the blood containing the active hormones which circulate in the body) levels of a lot hormones and pro-hormones. Whenever testosterone production is too low, the testes signal the hypothalamus to release a lot of leutenizinghormone- releasing- hormone (LHRH). The circulating LHRH says the pituitary to release A lot of leutenizing- hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating-hormone (FSH). As the circulating FSH and LH accomplish the testes, they signal the Leydig's cells to make moresperm and testosterone.

 Once testosterone grades a re too high the testes signal the hypothalamus to bring out Lower LHRH…and then "the man's" production action falls or stops. It's quite xciting that advanced estrogen levels can signalize an production decrease for androgens, such as testosterone, far more importantly than some androgen.

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