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Steroids usage is safe as long as you absolutely know what you're doing, what troubles could happen and what results to await. Unluckily, not all those who go this way are completely mindful of what steroids are about. Such ignorance can make a range of health problems and some of them having a harmful effect on your body. Lets talk about the basic mistakes of those who decide to enhance body performance through the use of Anabolic Steroids.


1. Not enough education

With steroids, things are bit complicated than more other drugs. It's not enough to read the label and get a general image of AAS and the usage. There are different details that need to be considered, and then you can have a clearer picture. At start, be sure you know all related risks, how to handle them or to keep under control.




2. Early use.

The use of AAS among young people is a really huge problem.  You should be atleast 21-22 years old. Until this age, young body is at developing stage.The natural testosterone level is in good standing, there is no need for lifting it unnaturally. The use of steroids on young People can cause irreversible side effects.
Begginner cycle looks as follow: HERE 





3. Long time usage

Better are short AAS cycles. There are people who don’t interrupt steroids use at all. The longer is the cycle the higher risks to harm your health, while continuous use of steroids has horrific effects on liver and kidney. 






4. High dosage. 

Not all steroids act on the rule “the more you use, the greater the results”. Excessive use of steroids results to health problems and not greater muscle at all. Our body can alone use a limited quantity of testosterone, so everything comes beyond this limit is turned into estrogen. This means gyno, water retention or testicular shrinkage problems.
Here an example of an EXTREEME cycle






5. Poor training and diet.

On steroids, muscles have to be stimulated at maximum. Working out applying daily weights isn't enough. Use bigger weights and gain the progressively. Work out intensely, drive yourself over your limits.

A high in calories and proteins, and low fat diet have to be used when being on steroids. Be sure you eat correct, healthy food spread in a 5-6 meals throughout the day.

You are able to be safe while using steroids. Please, do not limit to just this data and discover out more details on each of them.