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LA Pharma

LA Pharma was instituted in the year 2004, and it produces products of anabolic hormone under Good Manufacturing Practice. The company ensures that it produces products that comply with international specifications e.g. United States pharmacopoeias. The company uses raw materials that are up to 99% pure. Almost all people in the bodybuilding world have heard of steroid produced by La Pharma. Like other licensed pharmacy laboratories, LA Pharma has acquired relatively good grades from many athletes throughout the world. Since 2004, the company’s brands remain at the top of the list of many pharmacies and labs in the world. LA Pharma takes advantage of processes such as packaging to acquire advantages over other competitors. For instance, the company uses user-friendly, disposable, non-contaminated packaging process, and packs that are easy to carry. This has promoted the company’s sales, enabling the exportation of products safely all over the world.


LA Pharma concentrates on the manufacture of anabolic steroids, but it also manufacture other related products. For instance the company produces injectable steroids that have gained a big name in the industry. Even though the company has been successful in most of its operations, It is coupled with some challenges, and a major challenge is the threat if faces with regard to black market. A few years ago, LA Pharma faced allegations concerning its operations that were linked to marketing and sale of its products. LA Pharma was accused of selling its products in the black market and exporting products through the back door. This was a period when Thailand’s agencies concerned with the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products set to review the functionality of pharmaceutical companies. Even though LA Pharma was able to clear its name, its functionality was affected and it lost some of its essential markets.