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Do Steroids Make Your Penis Small?

There are numerous rumors related in using steroids. None of these were proven scientifically, yet once launched they continue living in the heads of people as truths. There are numerous steroid users who’ve taken them during long years as well as are now enjoying a healthy life. One of the claims about steroid usage is that steroids affect the size of the penis, which causers its shrinkage. If you have the same opinion, it is time to know if steroids really affect the sex organ of men.


The fear started when steroids usage in men has several side effects and these include shrinkage of testicles. It happens for the reason that the body gets lots of synthetic steroids and reduces the process of producing testosterone. As results, testicles start shrinking. Yet, the good news with the steroids is that every side effect disappears once the consumption is done. Therefore, once you’re off the cycle of steroids, your testicles regain their function and become a normal size. From this aspect, many believed that steroids might cause penis to get smaller. But, it isn’t so. Whether you like it smaller or bigger, the anabolic steroids affect the size of the penis and there’s nothing you can do with it. They just make your muscles look bigger, yet not your sex organ.


You’ve heard that the consumption of steroids is only allowed for people who are over 21 years old. The reason behind it is that it’s time when the age of growth is reached. Taking steroids after you turned 21 will not really affect the development of male reproductive system. But, the same can’t be said once you use steroids earlier than 21 years old. Thus, if you’re younger than twenty-one and involved in consumption of steroids, these have effects on the size of the penis.

Creatine is a good alternative for those who are under twenty-one years old. It proved effective in enhancing the shape of the body and it’s safe. Young bodies have a great reaction to the protein powders. That is the reason why for them is a bit enough such sources to boost body muscle strength and mass.

Side effects might occur due to steroids abuse. Once taken in proper dosage and for a short period of time only, steroids won’t cause any damage to your health. You may just cease the usage of steroids and it comes to normal. To normalize the testosterone production and avoid testicle’s shrinkage aspect, you have to wait for a month or two. Yet, through proper post cycle therapy, you’ll be able to do this faster.

To top it all, steroids won’t make penis bigger or shrink. If you want to reduce or enhance the size of your penis, you’ll never manage to do this through using steroids unless you have taken steroid younger than twenty-one years old. Steroids will just keep your penis size, yet it would affect the size of testicles