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Do Steroids cause "Roid Rage"?

When discussing that do steroids cause Roid Rage first of all, we need to know what is Roid Rage.

Roid Rage is a condition or psychological problem in which person attempts crime, disputes and even murder. It is an aggressive stage and in this stage, nobody think consciously. Roid Rage is not treated in medicine field and nor you can find its symptoms. Steroids may become the reason of mood swings, anger and Roid Rage. This kind of behavior lead a person to do cruelty and violence. It seems that most of the people who are taking steroids, become angry and aggressive. Of course it depends from the steroid substance.

It is related with steroids use, to suppose forceful violent activities linked with the drugs. Bodybuilders, athletes, players etc. use Steroids commonly for their injuries. Same as this when an athlete found with any crime, it is to be suggested that he obviously use steroids.

How are steroids the cause of Roid Rage

As you know these days, most of the people take steroids frequently and steroids are becoming more famous even among young people as in teenagers. Steroids make some serious and dangerous results which are much terrifying and frightening. Steroids effect on the hormone testosterone, which cause several changes in boys at the time of puberty such as changes in muscle mass and deeper voice. There is a big relation between testosterone hormone and aggressive behavior. These hormones change the chemical performance of the body which become cause of change in the behavior of that person.

Is this real?

From the NEJM study, the obvious answer would be NOT, roid rage is not real. But sometimes reality vs . a good made study can produce conflicting results. Does it exist to the extent often purported, definitely NOT, but any Juice user will tell you: aggression or better, increased aggression is a very real thing. We  have to be aware of a placebo effect.