Difference between Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate and Prop
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Difference between Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate and Propionate

Testosterone injections are among the safest of anabolic steroids, as the are closest to naturally occurring testosterone in our body. In fact, what they release is exactly same in chemical structure to what is produced by testicles.

So why there are so many names of testosterone? And what is the difference between them?

Testosterone comes with various suffixes, and it can be quite confusing for the beginners. These suffixes (Cypionate, Enanthate and Propionate) do not change the way testosterone works, but they decide how long it works.

In human body testosterone is produced primarily in testicles. It is produced at a steady rate of few milligrams each day, with little variations during the day/night. Once in the blood stream, testosterone is used or metabolized within few hours.

It means that if we inject testosterone that is exactly similar to naturally occurring hormone, we would require multiple injections in a day. Something that is impractical.

So what researchers do is add esters to testosterone. It prolongs the life of testosterone. Such testosterone can remain in the body for days, or even weeks.

Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate are almost the same things. They have half mean residence time of little more than a week (8.5 days). It means that after a week only half of these testosterones remain in the body.


Thus one need to take a weekly injection of Cypionate or Enanthate for optimal effect. They are quite similar to each other; thus they are not combined with each other. They can readily replace each other.

Propionate is altogether a different thing. Its half mean residence time in the body is about two three days. It means that is it either injected daily or each consecutive day. It is really good form of testosterone, however, it is not very comfortable to inject so frequently.

So this raises the question, why should be use Propionate at all, if Cypionate or Enanthate can be injected on a weekly basis. Or why not use other types of testosterone that work even longer, and thus do not require frequent injections.

Reason is simple. Short acting testosterones start working fast, and achieve higher levels in the blood, whereas, long acting testosterones start working slowly, and do not get that high levels.

It is the reason why Propionate can be combined with Cypionate or Enanthate. Such a combination would start working faster, act better, and still work longer.

It also explains that why testosterone undecanoate which requires just a one injection in two or three months is not used by athletes. It starts working very slowly, it gives just little rise in the levels of testosterone. Thus testosterone undecanoate is only fit for hormone replacement therapy.

Cypionate or Enanthate have perfect half-life, they are good for bulking. At the same time, they provide ease of once a week injection. Of course user can combine any one of them with Propionate for better and faster effect.


In short, there are various types of testosterones. They are similar to natural testosterone. However, they differ in pharmacokinetic. They differ in the length of action and speed, and safety profile differs.