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Outside are many scamers who are using potentially clients and steal their money using fake pictures, price list or even promises. Plenty of our Customers starting the communication if we are legit. Many of them did not believe in Facebook or in our feedback, so we decided to ask our Customers if they wold be able to make an picture of the arrived package and products inside. Of course they covered they name and street address because of security. Here you can see all the pictures, they are original and covered with our watermark. If you dont believe they are original, let us know and we can send you the high-res without the watermark, or only changed. 
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This package arrived to Germany. Package was send on 23.6.2013 date of arrival 26.7.2013. 
Order: Methanabol Tablets= 32.50 EUR, Turanabol= 105.82 EUR, Methyltestosterone tablets= 47.25 EUR, Shipping: 16.29 EUR
Total price: 201.87 EUR (267 USD)


Arrived to Canada (Wassaga Beach)

Arrived to Germany

Deca-Durabolin 10 pc + Primoject 100,1 pc + Sustanon 250,20 pc
TOTAL PRICE: 260 USD (195€)

Arrived to Germany

Arrived to USA, Texas

Arrived to USA, South Carolina

Arrived to USA, New York

Arrived to Israel.

Arrived to Canada, Ontario

Arrived to Germany

Arrived to USA

Delivered to UK

Safely arrived to LONDON

Arrived without problems to IRELAND

Safe delivered to GERMANY

Successful delivery to GERMANY

Arrived to NEW YORK, USA

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