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Clomiphene Tablets

Clomiphene is a drug that is not a steroid. This drug is primarily used to treat infertility in women. However, there are some other uses for Clomiphene as well.

Clomiphene Tablets are part of a fertility treatment that will cause regular ovulation and better fertility in women. This treatment can go on for as long as necessary to produce the right levels to be able to sustain life in a healthy form.

This drug causes the pituitary gland to release hormones that are needed in order to ovulate or release the egg. This drug is used in many women who have irregular cycles or certain disorders which cause infertility or abnormal cycles.

This drug will help women ovulate and that increases the chance of pregnancy. This drug has a success rate of 70-80 percent on first treatment cycle. Many women use this product for six times. This is the highest amount you can use it for a while before waiting for a little then going back again.

Men usage

However, usually used in women, it is a very useful drug for men as well. It can help raise testosterone levels in men more naturally. This will increase sex drive, energy, and overall function for daily tasks.

Men who take Clomiphene for low testosterone which means they will have a low sperm count. This will also mean infertility in men as well. This drug can also help fertility in men as well. Not only can it help with sperm count, it can help with erectile dysfunction.  

It is important that you realize that the active drug FSH and LH produce ovulation and egg development in women whereas in men FSH produces sperm production and LH helps produce testosterone levels. This is what many people do not know is that men are able to take this drug as well as women to help with the same things just in a different form.


Treatment using this drug is also different for men and women. Men will use this drug daily because testosterone is produced daily. However, women will use it five days before her cycle is to begin. This drug can actually produce too much testosterone in men causing it to be ineffective. It is important that you are assessed if you are a male and take this drug for fertility purposes because you can take it every other day instead of every day if necessary.


While taking this drug is great, if abused it can cause an increased risk in pregnancy if you are not having trouble ovulating. Many people who have used this drug while having no trouble ovulating have actually been reported to have twins.

Not only can it cause an increased risk of pregnancy, there are side effects to the drug as well. For women, there would be abnormal bleeding vaginally, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and tenderness of the breasts. It is important to speak to a doctor if any of these symptoms occur. It is also important to take the recommended dose for you and do not abuse this drug.
However, if you are taking this for your recommended cycle and dosage some people will get pregnant on their first cycle and some can get pregnant on their sixth. It all depends on the person as to how it will work for you.  

This drug works miracles if you are infertile. This drug can make you fertile and make you able to have children, something you maybe once thought was impossible. It is important that you realize the dangers of this drug if misused, however. Even though this drug is a miracle, it can hurt you if misused. Use this drug at proper dosage and it can make your dreams come true for both men and women. Always confide in a doctor before taking this drug. Make sure it is the right treatment for your infertility problem. It is important that you know how to properly use it and when to use it.


This drug is used in many cases of treatment and doctors do recommend it to many patients. However, if you abuse it can have reversed side effects if used in too high of a dosage and not used properly. It is important to follow the guidance of your physician when using this drug.