Can HGH Increase Height?
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Can Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Increase Height?

According to Dr. Seuss, regardless of how small, a person is a person. However, since society tends to admire taller individuals more than short ones, whatever the age is, both kids and adults find for some ways to enhance their height. Others take hormones including synthetic HGH while some use some techniques like bone lengthening surgeries and exercises.

An Overview of HGH

Human growth hormone is also referred to as HGH, which is a hormone produced in human brain’s pituitary gland and this regulates how tall they grow from being a child to being an adult. As adults, human growth hormone also helps keep one’s organ and cell function and production of muscles and bones. It could also stimulate one’s immune system and give some benefits to the body.

Hormones work in 2 kinds of cycles. The first is that HGH is actually secreted from pituitary gland in the pulses that happen often when a person is asleep. Hormone receptors, in direct cycle, bind themselves to target the cells and boost the bone growth and helping to keep the cells function. On contrary, indirect cycle is basically where most HGH that the bodies produce has effects. During this indirect cycle, liver converts human growth hormone into IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor Type 1. This is an essential growth factor, which is measured by blood. This affects target cells to boost general and growth cell and organ function and health.

What Happens If Kids Lack HGH?

There are times that kids are born with lack of HGH. It could be the result of Turner Syndrome or Prader-Willi Syndrome. Kids who suffer from such syndromes may experience not just smaller stature compared to their peers. As adults, they might suffer from kidney and heart problems, risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. But, the most common condition is called growth hormone deficiency. Based on some research, kids who suffer from this condition may grow under 2 inches every year between 2 years of age and onset of puberty even if the bodies might appear normal physically.

What Happens If Adults Lack HGH?

Every adult may also suffer from deficiency on HGH. Several continue experiencing genetic disorders that they’re born with. In some cases, the brain tumors and radiation treatments for particular kinds of cancer may affect pituitary gland and could cause deficiency on growth hormones. Adult who suffers from short bowel syndrome may experience loss of nutrients that influences their levels of HGH and people with diseases like AIDS or HIV waste muscles see the same effects. Adults who are suffering from HGH deficiency may experience symptoms such as reduced sex driver and strength, heart disease, lack of concentration, energy and memory, baldness in men, increased body fat, and much more.

Based on the studies, it was also found out that as people age, the amount of the HGH produced in the brain declines. There’s also a growing evidence that people who have reduced HGH levels may contribute to some health issues and physical changes that are considered due to aging.