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British Dragon

British Dragon was a manufacturer of steroid, and the company operated in Thailand at a place known as Pattaya. The company was established in 1999, and most of the powders and other components they used in the manufacture of their compounds were acquired from Chinese market.

Steroid domination

British Dragon dominated steroids market for over ten years before the company was shut down in 2008. The owners of the company were arrested and their operations were terminated. Steroids manufactured by British Dragon gained enormous popularity, and even though the original company does not exist, its products are up to date talked about with enthusiasm. While the company’s steroids could not be viewed as the best ever, the company can still be perceived as a good underground laboratory to tell. This is due to the fact that British Dragon was able to stick to its product market and it was able to compete with other big companies in this field, often emerging as a top performer. The company was listed among the majority of suppliers and it distributed its products mainly through the internet. BD arrived on the right time, when the internet took shape, and the internet can be credited for the success of the company.


BD’s steroids were not of the highest quality, but they were readily available and generally competitively priced and clean. In 21st March 2008, Mr. Edwin Crawley who was the chief of BD steroids operations was arrested by 100 DEA agents. Ashley Vincent Livingstone who was popularly known as Redicat was also arrested, and these two high-profile arrest were to a large extent the main causes that led to the shutdown of BD. The main cause of the arrest of BD owners was their operations in black market, where they Mr. Edwin had been importing steroids from China and forwarding them to Europe and USA. Mr. Ashley worked as Mr. Edwin’s assistant and his major role was finding customers. With the arrest of the owners of the company, a huge loge was left in British Dragon. Many greedy people wanted to fill the positions left by the two arrested, and a variety of laboratories shortly pop up from nowhere. The Company went totaly underground.