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Boldenone Undecylenate – a gem in anabolics

What are anabolic steroids

Whenever you are looking to increase your muscle mass, lose weight, burn fat, tone your body, increase your results and your capabilities, it is always advised by gym instructors to use what we call anabolics or steroids. These are blends, drugs, mixtures that are also called “AAS” (anabolic-androgenic steroid) that help get the most out of your body by making you have more energy and helping you strengthen your muscles and produce more blood cells.

The Equipoise

Boldenone Undecylenate, also known as “Equipoise” is a synthetic AAS that definitely is a long-term investment with slow and steady muscle gain, as opposed to one of these steroids that show small results in a few weeks. Because of this, it is often not as recognized as other steroids and gets often underrated, but the long-term result is definitely one of the biggest in a matter of toning and muscle gain.

It is a derivative of Testosterone, so it directly influences the levels of testosterone in your body and have similar effects to it. These effects include an increase to muscle tissue, deeper voice, growth increase in body hair and facial hair as well as increased energy.

It increases the amount of blood cells in your body a lot because it increases the production of these cells by a big ratio. A lot of strength increase can be noticeable in a matter of weeks and you’ll also notice a lot of energy when doing exercises.

How does it work

Because Equipoise focuses on steady gain throughout the weeks, it has an extremely long duration time in your body in comparison to other steroids. This ester is so powerful that it can actually stay for months and even years in your blood veins from the last time you took it.

Because of that, it is common that people that start using Equipoise will feel discouraged in the first weeks: That is because they won’t even notice the effects of the ester in the beginning. However, once a month or two months have passed, athletes started noticing a tremendous advance in their capabilities, much stronger than other anabolic drugs.

Because of this longer period of effect, the least recommended period of using the Equipoise should be around 10 weeks to at least see the beneficial effects start occurring. Because of the slow effect it has in your body, one of the only downsides this steroid has is that you are obligated to run it in a longer period than other drugs to see the best results.

Period and cycles

This can be taken from 200 to 400 mg a week for men and 25-50 a week for women. It has to be injected at least once per week.

Some athletes have said to use up to 600 mg a week to increase muscle gain, but that shouldn’t be necessary at the beginning of the sessions because it gets harder to increase muscle mass the more you have already trained.

As it has already been said, at least 8 weeks is necessary, but you can go as far as 16 weeks to keep developing those tissues. Don’t overdo though, 16 weeks is the maximum you should go for.

Once you’ve gone through the session, having a post-cycle therapy to avoid the steroid’s long-term side effects is advised. Consulting a doctor and having a diet full of nutrients and fiber is great to keep the weight in check because insane levels of testosterone can cause weight gain very quickly.


The production of your red blood cells is increased drastically while taking this AAS, so you should consider donating blood or directly observing blood tests to see if it isn’t getting out of control. High levels of red cells in your veins can cause hypertension which would then need to be treated in the future.

Possible side effects:

  • Acne;
  • Oily skin;
  • Deepening of the voice (including for women);
  • Unusual hair loss;
  • Boost in appetite;

Equipoise for women

Equipoise as any other steroid has to be carefully controlled because of some of the side effects that can come with the benefits of the muscle mass increase. Because of that, it has to be a very low amount per week otherwise they could be noticing unnatural hair growth across their body and even facial hair.

How to better experience Equipoise

Equipoise is better used during bulking cycles to get the most out of your muscles. These include weightlifting exercises and anaerobic activities. Cutting cycles are also great for toning and Equipoise will be very effective if you’re constantly training every day.