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What is the Best age to start with Steroids?


The puberty level starts from 12 and almost it is completed after 20 of age for humans, it makes clear changes and hormones work fast. These hormones become a cause of changes like, deeper voice, muscle mass, height, hair of body grow and some sexual changes.

The human body produces all the necessities to fulfil of the requirements of the body but when at the age of puberty someone starts taking Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, the body send the message to the hypothalamus after the recognition of extra amount of it. Hypothalamus takes action between 3 weeks most probably and orders to body to shut off its own production. In simple, whenever you add the more ASS in your body, then your body will try to low these levels more.

Age to take steroids

If you are at the age of 25, your height should be approx. 5’7”, weights between 150lbs to 175lbs, then you are good to go. For best results of the steroids you should have minimum 2 Years of intesive lifting in the gym behind you.

So, you can take the steroids after the age of 25 because before it your body performs well and make all essentials by own then you are allowed to take steroids. Most of the people use steroids by the age of mid 30 or 40. 

If the individual take steroids under the age of 25 then he can face unwanted side effects. It is a must that doctor would prescribe him these steroids according to his illness but it is necessary to keep limit and do not try to take over dose and do not try to use another steroid rather than that the doctor prescribed.