Steroids Guide for beginners
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Steroids Guide for beginners


So, you have decided to start using steroids and you do not know how to do it? I will try to break down the issue in detail so that everyone can understand it. This makes for you something new to learn and to plan your cycle even better. When I write this "manual" I came mostly from my own experience. I don’t want to force anyone follow my advice. I hope everyone is clear that the safest way to use AS - is not to use them at all. If you have decided to use them, so use wisely, because the mindless use of AS is literally the best and sure way to damage your health, with often permanent consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life. This is not a groundless alarm, but indisputable fact. AS are substances that should fall into the hands of only reasonable and responsible people, who are also aware of the potential side effects. For who are AS absolutely inappropriate? In short we can say that it is mainly the women, teenage boys and novice exercisers. Furthermore, those who suffer from any serious health problems (whether it's high blood pressure, impaired liver, kidney, etc.).

Length of the cycle and intervals between cycles.
Length of the cycle is the first thing to decide. Personally, I don’t believe in short cycles (less than 6 weeks). AS need to act in the body for some time to bring the desired results. For me, each treatment should last for at least 6 weeks. The ideal length is 7 to 8 weeks. It’s possible to make it even longer, but I really would not recommend for beginners. To go more than 3 months (12 weeks) is also stupid. After a few weeks of taking AS the body need rest. Mentioned 12 weeks is therefore the maximum. How long should be a break between  two cycles? It is recommended that at least as long as the last cycle lasted. For one year it is reasonable to give 2-3 cycles, depending on their length. So, if you're preparing for the first cycle, I advise you to train 7-8 weeks and after the same length of time having a break, during which your body gonna rest, recover and roll on the normal (natural) hormone production.

Choosing AS.
Another thing you should think about is the choice of substances for the cycle. Using only one substance is not suitable even for beginners. It is better to choose at least 2 different substances. Even if you take them at lower doses, the effect will still be a little stronger, and what is most important, the muscle mass will be of better quality and easier to keep it. Beginners should forget the substance containing testosterone,oxymetholone, Methyltestosterone, trenbolone, growth hormone, or even insulin. These are the things for experienced users and certainly not good in the hands of beginners because it is either quite dangerous (and therefore requiring experience) or expensive. Suitable substances into the first cycle are nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone phenyl-propionate, methandienone, stanozolol, methenolone enanthate and oxandrolone. Personally, I would do in every cycle at least one injection and a one tablet substance. As the best combination for a beginner seem to me
nandrolone decanoate + methandienone. It is relatively inexpensive, safe combination and most successful bodybuilders started on it also. The advantage of nandrolone decanoate is its safety (if It is not exaggerating the doses), and also you don’t need to apply it too often. Methandienone is a bit less "safe" (stress for the liver) as nandrolone, but its effective on muscle growth and strength, and when combined with nandrolone, the resulting mass holds quite well. If someone not gaining weight with this combination, so he don’t gonna gain weight nowhere. Nandrolone decanoate may be replaced by methenolonom enanthate and nandrolone phenylpropionate, which is necessary to apply a little more often (ideally every other day, respectively,  every third day), as it has a shorter half-life. Methandienone can be replace with stanozolol (injection or tablet) or oxandrolone, the cycle is gonna be little "safer", but also weaker and more expensive. It is possible to make the so-called noninjectable (tablet)cycle, using only tablet substances (methandienone + tab. Stanozolol), but the liver stress will be a bit bigger. Later, you gonna need to include into your cycles injectable agents, because the tablets don’t have their properties.

System of use AS.
It is also important to choose a system of using AS -  steroid cycle. It’s possible to use a direct cycle (same dose all the time), cliff-hanger system (gradually increasing doses and withdrawal at max. Doses), downward cycle (opposite cliff-Hanger) or pyramidal system. As the best way for most tablet AS seems to me pyramid. The principle of it is that it starts at minimum doses, they gradually increased to the maximum selected, then some time you hold such amounts and at the end of treatment you reduce the dose again. Important is the mainly descending phase of the pyramid, which is used to prevent the body from immediate shock of withdrawal and also to gradually restore own testosterone production (due to temporarily reduced AS). With injection you can use the directly cycle, downward cycle and also the pyramid. It depends on the particular substance and also from selected doses. Using the cliff-hanger is not good in any forms of AS.

If you've already know how long your cycle gonna be, which substance you gonna use and which system you gonna choose, so you only need to buy AS for the cycle and you can start with training.