Arnold Schwarzenegger and steroids
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those iconic body builders that actually got to make a career from this. But while everyone that enters the world of bodybuilding has a chance to reach fame, the reality is you need a lot more than that to reach some amazing results. And that’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger had. He had charisma, a great character, nice accent and a focus on becoming bigger and bulkier all the time.


Did Arnold Schwarzenegger use steroids? Yes, he did, and according to various interviews, he doesn’t regret that at all. It’s easy to see why, in many ways steroids did help him get to where he is today. Line Nandrolone Decanoate or Primobolan in injection form. But Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t encourage the steroid use nowadays.

At first, Arnold Schwarzenegger tried these steroids because they were new to the market. He thought that it would be ok to try out the new product if it was set to bring in the upper edge. But again, that was at a time when steroids were rather new to the market. They still went to the doctor for supervision, but there was no long term set of issues to think about.

Time changed

Things are different nowadays. We know that steroids can lead to long term problems and Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t really take a lot of steroids to begin with. He actually says that he doesn’t encourage anyone to use them right now. Instead, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells everyone to focus on food supplements or anything that can actually bring in benefits.

Steroids are not to be played with, and, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he encourages people to go bodybuilding, not body-destroying. Steroids can potentionaly lead to something like this. Yes, we know that short term use won’t have major long term problems. But the issue is that most people that use steroids get used to these benefits and in the end they just focus on getting that extra edge. Obviously something like this sounds amazing in the short term, but as time passes you get to encounter heart attacks and liver damage, among other side effects.


Arnold Schwarzenegger tells everyone to use supplements, and the natural ones if possible. Adding chemicals to your body is not a good idea, because you never know how the body will react in the long run. That’s why you need to be careful with steroids, and more specifically the ones that require a lot of time to deliver good results.

He took steroids and he doesn’t regret it, but then again he didn’t have a long term exposure to things like these. That’s why you need to take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice and listen to what he has to say. It’s definitely important to take care of your body, and using supplements instead of steroids actually makes a lot of sense to say the least. It’s not idea to handle such problems, true. But it does go to show that the experience can be extremely impressive if you take care of your body and avoid relying solely on steroids for that extra muscle boost.

Arnold Schwarzeneggers cycle


Primobolan Enanthate (Injectable)

(methenolone enanthate)

Dianabol (Dbol)
Deca Durabolin
W 01 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 02 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 03 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 04 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 05 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 06 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 07 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 08 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 09 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 10 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 11 1000mg / week 100mg / day  
W 12 1000mg / week 100mg / day  
W 13 1000mg / week 100mg / day  
W 14 1000mg / week 100mg / day  
W 15 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 16 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 17 800mg / week 80mg / day  
W 18 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 19 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 20 600mg / week 60mg / day  
W 21   30mg / day 200mg / week
W 22   30mg / day 200mg / week
W 23   30mg / day 200mg / week
W 24   30mg / day 200mg / week
W 25   30mg / day 200mg / week
W 26   30mg / day 200mg / week





























In our current time, the Arnolds cycle would seem a bit crazy.  But, in Arnold's days, pyramiding was considered as an standard cycleSteroid users didn't realize that even if you pyramid, the half-life of a compound does not change nor do the natural testosterone levels recover.  Pyramiding is a total waste of time, but these guys were ignorant to this fact.  At the end, testosterone wasn't available as it is today, so Schwarzeneger had no access to it.  Therefore, his cycles were mostly three compounds used creatively.


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