60+ Years old and steroids?
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60+ Years old and steroids?

If you think that bodybuilding or getting ripped, is only for young men, you are wrong. People want to look good, stay active, at any age. So why not continue pumping iron even after you retire from your job.

If you think that a good body is unachievable for those who start late, think twice. Many men have shaped their bodies at an age when most think it isn’t possible. Need a proof? Just have a glimpse at these well-shaped bodies.

However, building a body after the 60s is comparatively difficult. Metabolism slows down a lot. Hormone levels fall after this age. Although hormone replacement therapy is frequently used for women, unfortunately, such replacement therapy in men is called doping. Although, many are asking the question if it is right to prevent men from using steroids after a certain age.

All is not that bad if you start building body late. There are certain benefits too! Yes, it is true. After the forties, there is a slowdown in basal metabolic rate (BMR). It means that skinny men would readily gain weight. Building muscles would still be hard for most.

Its really possible and safe?

So coming to our primary question, can steroids be used at an advanced age of 60 plus, and are they safe?

In short, the answer is big Yes. Numerous trials have shown that at least in short-term testosterone replacement therapy is quite safe and beneficial in men of the age. Despite all the wonderful results demonstrated in the researches, the medical world is still hesitant about the more widespread use of such therapy. As they think that it would increase the risk of gynecomastia, and even certain types of cancer.

However, most research seems to show that there is a decline in testosterone levels with age, and benefits of steroids may outnumber the risks.

Research has shown that 60 plus men may benefit from a much lower dose of testosterone in comparison to young men. Therapy with testosterone can help gain weight, strengthen muscles. Above all such treatment may even help improve mental agility.

The beneficial effect of testosterone is not limited to bones and muscles. Research indicates that it may also help increase blood count. Testosterone replacement therapy may also help improve cardiovascular function; it may reduce levels of bad cholesterol, at the same time increasing levels of good cholesterol.

One research in men living with prostate cancer showed that loa w levels of testosterone have a negative impact on memory, alertness, reflexes, vigilance.

Unfortunately, despite so many known benefits of testosterone therapy in older men, it remains unused. It would be logical to conclude that quite like testosterone, other anabolic steroids would also be safe in men above the age of 60.

There is a need to take some cautions when using steroids after the 60s. The most clinical trials involving the use of testosterone in elderlies were done in healthy men, after complete health scanning. However, it does not mean that steroids may be unsafe in certain men, but there is a need for precautions.

Synthetic steroids usually have a higher anabolic effect and lower androgenic effect. Thus their outcomes would differ from testosterone. It is something that must be considered when taking steroids. There is also a need for more clinical studies regarding the use of anabolic steroids in men above the age of 60.