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Your beginning cycle should be a relatively easy and direct one with a right PCT. Don't over complicate this first cycle, because this will be the base for all your next cycles. It is beneficial to find out how you respond to them alone before you add on special components. Running an oral kickstart for a 1st cycle is accepted, as using a longer estered testosterone (enanthate or cypionate) will take about four weeks before the testosterone is "noticeable" in your system, so you are able to judge the effects of the oral independent of the testosterone.

Oral cycle only?

Yes its possible, but its actually not worth, in most cases. Many users will not keep the gains they made off a 4 - 6 week anabol cycle - you will blow up fast, but you will not have the time on cycle to get your body used to holding the additional bulk while being in an elevated anabolic state. Keep in mind that all AAS shut down your natural test production. Test is a important component in your daily life, and when you supplement your system with anabolics different than testosterone (that close down your testtosterone production), you'll feel the effects of the reduced test.

Deca, EQ and Tren

Running Deca or EQ or Tren by itself without any testosterone for my beginner cycle - still be only one compound? No, using these additional anabolics result in closing down your natural production of testosterone and you will feel side effects of no testosterone - lethargy, depression, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, etc.... not worthy. Several users have run cycles without any testosterone and have been alright, but that's commonly the exception, not the rule.


Its not always required on your first, or lower dosed cycles, but it is recommended. Remember how the test you are shooting is saying your system to end producing its own test? HCG tells your system through a LH point to your testicles to keep trying to make test. This won't only limit the number of shrinking you will occur on cycle in your boys down below, but it will drastically aid in how quickly you recover PCT. Human chorionic gonadotrophin is suppressive too, meaning it must be stopped before post cycle therapy too. So this is only used on cycle up till few days before post cycle therapy, but will definitely help keep you ready to start creating testosterone again PCT.


Post Cycle Therapy - this is a requirement. Entire cycle you have been shooting testosterone and you have bunches of it in your body, a lot more than your system naturally makes. What will your body do? - it ends the producing its own testosterone. As the long estered test wears off at the finish of the cycle (approximately 2 weeks from your final shot), you system realizes that it no more has test in it and determines to try to build some of its own. Simultaneously, your estrogen to testosterone ratio is high, meaning you have a lot estrogen, but very little testos, and whats worse, as your system tries to make testosterone, it exchanges some of that to estrogen so you have even more estrogen. Long tale short, you need a SERM, peferably Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) to fight these estrogen levels and help your system get itself making enough test once more to sustain your new muscle mass.

1st cycle:

Inject the test-e 2 times a week Sunday Morning 250mg and Wednesday night 250mg
The Dbol is optional ! ! ! Split in two doses. One Preworkout and one 12hours later.
HCG- 2 injections per week (250iu each). Dont use the same syringe as for the test.

Dont forget, time on + PCT = minimal time off before your next cycle. This entirely cycle would take you sixteen weeks, so you have to wait 16 weeks before your next one. Your system will be fully normalized in its natural hormonal state.



You can make the same cycle once more and likely have great results. A lot of us prefer to try something new or stronger. Recommend is holding back till your 3rd cycle to add something else, specially if your 1st cycle was good. Try frontloading the test.

Frontloading? Since you are using a long estered testosterone- meaning it takes ~four or five weeks to hit entire blood concentration levels of your weekly dose, you can frontload it= use a a lot bigger dose during the 1st week to get your blood levels up quicker. This will make your blood levels up much faster and make for a faster boost to best testosterone levels in your body (also making for an overall longer cycle while at optimum levels).

If you did use anabol for your 1st cycle, and wish to try it in a different way, Try to run it the last four weeks of your cycle, up until the day before post cycle therapy. This will continue gains coming as the testosterone starts to wear down the 2 weeks from your end shot up until post cycle therapy. A different common compound for doing this is Stanazolol (winstrol) or even Oral Turinabol. This keeps gains coming up till the really end of the cycle because you are able to run orals up until the day before post cycle therapy due to their short half life.



3rd CYCLE:

This time, it's recommended both kickstarting the cycle with an oral (anabol) for the 1st four weeks, and ending off the cycle with an oral (winstrol) for 5 or 6 weeks, up till the day before post cycle therapy.

Alternatively of doing that, you can still kick start the cycle, only try a different long estered compound. Equipoise (boldenone) is a effective one for lean mass, Nandrolone Decanoate is a effective one for great mass. I would  still steer clear of trenbelone at this point. Primo or masteron are weaker anabolics compared to the ones named above and are actually a lot suited for those with a really solid, big base and low body fat. They'll reveal their results a lot better with sub 8% bodyfat and need to be used at comparatively high and costly doses, not worth it for a majority of steroids "look good" bodybuilders. So some sample third cycles:





You are able to decide to run one of the previous 3rd cycles once again, or decide another one and run it, or you could begin to up the doses or certain things. Don't up too fast. At that place are decreasing returns in terms of big doses... i.e. 1000mg of testosterone is not as much of a difference from 750mg/test as 750mg of test is to 500mg of test. Keep testosterone under 1000mg/wk, with 750mg being an perfect "high point". Usually do not run more than one oral at a time, with at minimal four weeks off between orals during a cycle. Usually always use more or equal testosterone per week than any other compound, i.e. 750mg of test and 600mg of Deca, or 750mg of test, 750 mg of EQ. ALWAYS RUN post cycle therapy AND ALWAYS TAKE TIME OFF = TIME ON CYCLE + PCT EVERYTIME- this ensure health and longevity. Do not run a cycle longer than 16 weeks, rather 14 weeks being the max.

Good luck and happy cycling.
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