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Please be noted, These doses are not for intermediate, beginners or anyone who wants to use steroids to improve their physique for recreational purposes. I highly recommend to consult a doctor, coach or expert before jumping into higher dosages and get their blood work done every few weeks.

We never recommend these doses to any one unless he has reached the advance stage and want to hit the stage and strictly under a doctor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s supervision. I definitely understand the consequences of these doses for a youngster or someone who has no intentions to compete. If someone is just training and using steroids for recreational or health benefits or to look better at a party or a beach they should NEVER look into such doses. Generally doses between 15-25 mg of dbol, 250-500 mg a week of test and 100-200mg of deca is more than enough for an average person.

Expectations: Increase in overall body mass with density,

CYCLE (see picture 2):
1-16 WEEKS= Testosterone ENANTHATE= 1500 mg/week
1-14 WEEKS= Deca Durabolin= 500mg/week

1 WEEK= Dianabol= 50mg/every day
2-3 WEEK= Dianabol= 500mg/every day
4-6 WEEK= Dianabol= 50mg/every day

1-22 WEEK= HGH= 4iu/every day

1-16 WEEK= Arimidex= 0,5mg/every day (NOT INCLUDED IN THE ORDER)

17-18 WEEK= HCG= 1000iu/every day

18-19 Week= Clomid= 100mg/every day
20-21 Week= Clomid= 50mg/every day

18-19 Week= Nolvadex= 40mg/every day
20-21 Week= Nolvadex= 20mg/every day

10x Testosterone Enanthate, genesis= 550 USD
3x Nandrolone Decanoate, Genesis= 222 USD
2x Danabol DS= 238 USD
20x rhGH, Genesis= 3780 USD
3x Ovigil, HCG= 105 USD
1x Clomiphene, genesis= 49 USD
1x Nolvadex, genesis= 47 USD

2400 USD

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