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Nice and Fast delivery in mi first order,i receive it in one week,i order testo depot and deca and i think they are so good gear! i will order again in the future!


I order some Clenbuterol and it arrived in 7 working days.Great communication,great emails and tracking number was provided.Packaging was very descreet and well packed. I will order from them again.


The order when sent was very fast and i am very pleased by the product i have received! Had a little problems with getting it sent due to the overwhelming amount of orders they had. I threw money in the wind here to see if this was real. The risk payed of certainly and im very pleased with what i got. I would definitely recommend these guys!


I recommend this site because its legit. I received my order in 6 days!


Ordered online and was in comunication with Customer service the same day. I sent out payment and shortly after recieved my tracking number. I ordered on 4/29 and recieved order on 5/6. I only ordered a partial order because I am a native NY\'er and am skeptical to everything. Good news is they are proffessional and on top of things there. I will be ordering the rest of my order and will let you know in a few weeks my results. I would recommend this site to anyone that is serious about getting resulkts! Thanks again James!


Do u ship to south africa because im looking to buy anabol 200-500 tablets

Jay Harris

Giving the new bee\'s a good word I just placed my first order was hesitant at first I have been robbed b4 but here they are legit only about 3 weeks to receive order each item was package correctly n official gear this is my first week of use everything is doing as it suppose to and I must say prices are great Thank You buylegitgear for being a great company with standards


It has been over a month since my first order and I have already received my second larger order already. Everyone that I know and everyone at the gym has noticed my gains. The service is A+ and the products and prices are the best that I have come across in years. This is a trusted source. I highly recommend this company!


I ordered my product on July 2 and Received it on July 15. great Site.


Seller highly recommended. VERY FAST SHIPPING.Tracking number was provided within 5 hours of verifying payment. Product as described. Very discret. Excellent communication. Amazing customer service. Real DEAL. Took less than 14 days to arrive. VERY pleased with transaction. I will come back for more and I will definately recommend you guys.


I have ordered from this company multiple times, and they always communicate and deliver as promised. The products are first class, and for sure the real thing, I have had blood work since starting and it definitely show a positive result...I will be coming back for more thats for sure...


Great Service and fast delivery.Will order again.

Luis F

Outstanding service, unbelievable prices, fast shipping, and well organized company. Thank you so much James for all your support. Primo, and Dbol are giving me some real good gains. You have a customer for life here.


Great service. Very Helpful. Shipped to Trinidad in the Caribbean in 15days. Will order again.


First time ordering. Items arrived fast in 9 working days. Shipped with international mailing tracking number and excellent protective packaging. Thanks! I will order again soon.


R they real


Is this legit


My order was received safe and sound to New Jersey without any problems. I feel so good knowing I have found a reliable provider with no minimum $ amount required. I dealt with James and his communication was outstanding! Definitely will continue using them!!!! AAA++++++ Rating!!!

chris smith

Hi I want to order winstrol depot but i am reluctant to do so. Are you a reliable company? How long to deliver to uk?


por western es muy caro espero poder pagar atraves de paypal sino tendre que cancelar la orden


Hello, checking this site out to see if it posts all reviews Ive been burned before and I dont have $ to burn looking for a reputable company Hope I\'m here!


Great site , fast delivery ordered winstrol , got the order one week later. Will recommend this site to my gym friends. Placing another order in one week.


Great site!!... got recommendation from gym buddy on a saturday morning, checked them out and wrote back and forth with james, VERY fast and helpful responses, placed order saturday night, received invoice sunday, wired funds paid monday morning, immediate response from james confirming payment and shipment/tracking info date... email from james on wednesday informing me that my order has been shipped... all tracking info kept reliable tabs every step of the way... package delivered the following tuesday, the day after a national holiday here!... VERY impressive service!!... 2 weeks into cycle, and it\'s readily apparent these are the goods!... thumbs up and 5 stars in my book... they have a loyal customer in me for as long as i decide to supplement my training regimen... THANKS JAMES!!...

Aaron Jacobs

I just received my second order. I have to take testosterone for a medically confirmed reason(Injury). I ordered a few different types of testosterone. James is the rep that answererd my questions. I put in my order on day one, within 3days my Western Union payment went through, 2more days and my order was on the way with a email with all my tracking number info. Ten days from that including 2sundays! I received the order. It was shipped in a plain looking small box about the size of a box of checks. I live in Florida so that is very fast shipping considering were its coming from. Both orders were 100% fine no damage, experation dates are like 2018 and they came in the original wrapper with the real holograms! So you know its the real thing. I originaly was worried I would order something produced in a bathtub by some guy mixing his own, YUKKK. LOL. Thats why I am taking the time to write this so others can feel safe in this site. I Hope this helps someone out there. Sincerely FEELING BETTER.


I need this


Great Gear, 100% legit!


Awesome group to deal with...been with legit a year now and always....always received order. All questions answered every time and I am now ahead of schedule for next competition thanks to legit...


Just ordered BD Tri Tren, and Test E. Also grabbed clomid, nolva, clen, and Test C. Everything from order on the website to making my wire transfer to the wait between sending money and receiving my order was handled good customer services and quick responses. Can\'t wait to try this stuff out in a couple months. THANKS!

shemale in pattaya

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This site is really awesome. I order and it came 3 weeks.. Good customer service, is discreet I\'m a happy customer.. Results are amazing..




YUP. Placed order and 3 weeks later product arrived as advertised. I will be using again.....soon.


I just placed my 3rd og 4th order, cant remember.. But will keep coming back, its some nice clean gear, and the gainz are great each time... Looking forward to my package in a good week..


Is this a legit website to order off of?


These guys are great and def legit. Placed my order and it was shipped a day after and I was given a tracking number as followed. I received my order in three weeks and had full communication with James the whole time. Def have a permanent customer here, will now make another order because I only did a partial to make sure I didn\'t get jipped. These folks are A1 and their products are too. Thanks legitgear.

Jay V.

Took a while to receive payment. Customer service top notch at all times. Got my shipment5 days later. 3 days llater, these are good. Haven\'t felt a pump like this in years.


James and the people at buylegit sell the real stuff. They ship to you in a safe package and arrives at your door. I have ordered twice and they deliver everything I ordered, and the real stuff. Thank you for being a trust worthy place to go for steroids.


hello just testing :)

Roger L

Placed an order, outstanding service! Will let all know how well the gear works. Highly recommend these guys!!


I\'m wanting to purchase test250 and possibly term, I\'ve been getting it through a guy who gets it from a guy type of thing, so the price sucks. can someone email meand give me some info on ordering this


testing testing


Need someone to respond ASAP on if this site is legit and not all just phoney reviews?


this site is the real in new York and received my order in less than a week...I will buy again

John\"W\" Booth

Just placed my first order here ...I\'m sceptical by nature but I really hope all the reviews are true I\'d love to do all my shopping in one place..




Once again BLG came through. Got my gear in very short order.this is my second order and will be placing my third and much bigger order soon. Way to go guys!! Top notch service. They have my business hands down.

David B

I placed my first order om May 27th...I received delivery on June 3rd....very fast and the product is the real deal...I just placed another order. I would recommend this site to everyone. Totally satisfied customer.


This place is completley legit for anyone questioning. First time ordering and will be a returning customer thank you guys


James offers real gear no fakes, you can trust this site. I will have to admit it is too good to be true. I have had several orders and everyone came through, if you are having doubts make a small purchase, and you will be back for more. The only draw back is you will have wished you had placed a bigger order. JK


If you have any concerns about this site, let them all be dispelled now! As the name suggests, this site is 100% legit! My order shipped June 25th and arrived July 2nd, service and communication with the staff couldn\'t be better and the gear is absolutely amazing!


Once again, Got my package. Great products and GREAT service. Will be ordering again!! you guys Rock!!


wil yew able to deliver to india(hyd)




Just checking if I can really post


Just checking


Received my order today. 6 business days after ship date. Will order more next week. Thanks James, for all your help.


Can anyone verify if any of the injectables are legit in its chemical makeup? ADMIN: yes, all products are legit. Best quality offers Genesis and Thaiger Pharma

fl Dent

This is a very Reliable Place to buy your gear. Dealing with the James has been a pleasure. I have made multiple orders And receive them in a timely fashion. To go anywhere else Would be a mistake. Simply because they do what they say Thank you again James At buylegitgear And to everyone that works there.


Interesting there\'s not a single negative review. I must say, if something sounds too good to be true... Name 1 company with 100% customer satisfaction besides this company? I suspect this wont get published. But, because I want their products just to see if they are as the 100% revi say, I wished there was a way to verify before ordering... If I find anything out, I will repost.


Has anyone tried Testosterone Enanthate? If so how did you like it


Received order and customer service was very helpful. I feel good about this website. Thanks!


Just checking like everyone else to see what\'s going on with this site. I must say I have never read reviews where not one person had anything negative to say. Which leads me to be more skeptical.


Awesome customer service 4th time ordering from this site and I have nothing but good things to to say.... always on time..


Just checking to see if I can really post


It seams that there is currently a problem with the shipping, but I know, that James will fix this problem. Looking forward to my order....


Is this company the real deal

Chris and Robyne

Thank you James and company for the excellent service and quality products. Hope that we have a lot of good years together here. Been a long haul trying to make due till meeting you guys, you\'re a blessing....

Been waiting for my order to be shipped,you received my money on the 24th. Been emailing James but haven\\\'t gotten a response back in over a week.Spent over $100 and not sure why my product haven\\\'t been sent to me or gotten a response back. But I did before my money was being taken! ANSWER: Your package is being prepared. Due holidays we have light delay.


Talked to James, and he assured that my package is on its way. I\'ve been scammed before and was hesitate about doing this. They stay on top of emails and once I get my package I will continue to order. Finally a great company, it takes a while but they are on top of things. Thanks James


Not one negative review? Either best ever or something is up... Either way, I have placed a small order and find out, hope it\'s as good as everyone here is saying.


This is a totally legitimate company. I order online and paid anonymously and received my \"quality\" order about three weeks later. I have clinically low \"T\" and get a prescription for \"T\" from the doctor; it is expensive and a pain in the neck. This is so much easier, and cheaper.


Received my order. Legit gear. Would order again.


Does James help everyone who gives a good review on this site? Really want to find a legit site but that has me skeptical


I have Hypergonadism and have had to take Test-Cypionate for over 10 yrs. My insurance will no longer pay for my script so I searched for an alternative that I could afford. 200mg/ 1ml vial is 40USD at pharmacy. I have my testosterone and estridol levels checked every three months at my local hospital. So far so good. Thanks James


was a skeptic but not anymore, definitely the real deal, using them for three years, once i had a shipment come incomplete, but through communication, was reassured and it arrived at a different time. A+++++++. if i was reading all reviews as an outsider, never having ordered from them; i too would be. i can assure anyone to simply try them out. btw genesis labs r awsome products


Anyone using this site in 2016? Are they legit?


These guys are the real deal. Order made it here to US exactly ONE WEEK after shipping. One item missing, but these guys have awesome customer service who answer fast and fix fast. Products were sealed in original packaging (not bathtub juice) and very well packaged. I thought the overwhelming amount of positive feedback suspect at first, but definitely not now. Will be placing many more orders.


Hello guy I\'m wondering if anyone bought ROIDS recently this year 2016


Reliable and awesome!


Is all this stuff,real legit..or is this one person posting all the right words,reply


Do the steroids work

Regular dude

For anyone curious if James is for real, he is. I ordered 2 test cyp Genesis to the US. I freaked out about customs and told him to cancel the order. He quickly replied that it was already shipped and to not worry about customs. The communication was great but I was sweating bullets about getting popped. Well it made it in around 10 days no problem. I picked it up at the post office with no issues. He sent exactly what I ordered with the batch id numbers, holograms, and paper insert. The were individually shrink wrapped and then covered with a black celefane. I assume this is to thwart the X-ray machines. All in all I got my stuff, I\'m happy, and I\'ll place another order. This review was written August 2016 as nobody has a date attached to their review.


I have been using this site for over 2 years now and have always gotten my order. Definitely need to give enough lead time before you run out, but you always get it! Thanks James and the rest of the guys for all your hard work and reliable delivery of the products. This was written 12/2016 and I have made at least 8 purchases over the last couple years and hope they will be around for a LONG time!!


Does anyone have a contact for james


Placed my first order and received the order in a very prompt time frame! Thanks to James and the guys for all their assistance in making my transaction as smooth as possible! Will definitely be back to do business in the near future! This review was written Feb 2017.


Quality gear came quick no delay, good stuff will be back, thank you

mark `

I was sssooooo skeptical...but im on my 3rd order...and im in my 50s and the products are so real and wife thanks you everyday not be concerned as i said im on my 3rd order making another today...WOW on prices and quality....thanks to James as well

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