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Micheal G.

Best site ever. Spoke with James right after order was placed and after receiving payment a few days later package was shipped with tracking. Order arrived ten days later. Hands down best site ever and very satisfied. James always stayed in contact via email and answered any questions i had while awaiting order. He always reassured me my package was on the way. I started thinking i got scammed because 20 days passed only to find out a family member signed for package and then hid it on me lol. Called post office and they said it was delivered back in June. BLG is the place to get what you need.


mark `

I was sssooooo skeptical...but im on my 3rd order...and im in my 50s and the products are so real and wife thanks you everyday not be concerned as i said im on my 3rd order making another today...WOW on prices and quality....thanks to James as well



Quality gear came quick no delay, good stuff will be back, thank you



Placed my first order and received the order in a very prompt time frame! Thanks to James and the guys for all their assistance in making my transaction as smooth as possible! Will definitely be back to do business in the near future! This review was written Feb 2017.



Does anyone have a contact for james



I have been using this site for over 2 years now and have always gotten my order. Definitely need to give enough lead time before you run out, but you always get it! Thanks James and the rest of the guys for all your hard work and reliable delivery of the products. This was written 12/2016 and I have made at least 8 purchases over the last couple years and hope they will be around for a LONG time!!


Regular dude

For anyone curious if James is for real, he is. I ordered 2 test cyp Genesis to the US. I freaked out about customs and told him to cancel the order. He quickly replied that it was already shipped and to not worry about customs. The communication was great but I was sweating bullets about getting popped. Well it made it in around 10 days no problem. I picked it up at the post office with no issues. He sent exactly what I ordered with the batch id numbers, holograms, and paper insert. The were individually shrink wrapped and then covered with a black celefane. I assume this is to thwart the X-ray machines. All in all I got my stuff, I\'m happy, and I\'ll place another order. This review was written August 2016 as nobody has a date attached to their review.



Do the steroids work



Is all this stuff,real legit..or is this one person posting all the right words,reply



Reliable and awesome!



Hello guy I\'m wondering if anyone bought ROIDS recently this year 2016



These guys are the real deal. Order made it here to US exactly ONE WEEK after shipping. One item missing, but these guys have awesome customer service who answer fast and fix fast. Products were sealed in original packaging (not bathtub juice) and very well packaged. I thought the overwhelming amount of positive feedback suspect at first, but definitely not now. Will be placing many more orders.



Anyone using this site in 2016? Are they legit?



was a skeptic but not anymore, definitely the real deal, using them for three years, once i had a shipment come incomplete, but through communication, was reassured and it arrived at a different time. A+++++++. if i was reading all reviews as an outsider, never having ordered from them; i too would be. i can assure anyone to simply try them out. btw genesis labs r awsome products



I have Hypergonadism and have had to take Test-Cypionate for over 10 yrs. My insurance will no longer pay for my script so I searched for an alternative that I could afford. 200mg/ 1ml vial is 40USD at pharmacy. I have my testosterone and estridol levels checked every three months at my local hospital. So far so good. Thanks James



Does James help everyone who gives a good review on this site? Really want to find a legit site but that has me skeptical

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