Steroids mixing with different drugs?

Which are safe and which not?

Overall steroids are quite safe even when taken with other drugs, and adverse interaction with other drugs is rare. Nonetheless, they may increase or decrease working of some medications. Further, one must know that there is something unexplained called idiosyncrasy, which means that in some individual’s side effects/drug interactions may occur for no apparent reasons.

Since steroids are taken to increase mass, muscular strength, they generally have a positive interaction with anti-cancer drugs, and drugs used to treat anemia. Steroids may also help to fight HIV infection related wasting. However, they are also known to increase the breakdown of certain medications like those used in various heart conditions (especially anticoagulants) or to treat diabetes.

Below we sum up the possible interaction of steroids with some of the most commonly used medications and street drugs:

In general, steroids are quite safe when used along with other drugs. However, one must still practice caution as specific unforeseen interactions may occur due to the metabolic stimulating effect of steroids, along with their effects on human psychology.



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