Famous female athletes who used steroids

As more and more females are participating in the physically demanding sports, no surprise that usage of steroids in them is on the rise. When it comes to beneficial effect, that is gaining muscle mass, improving strength and endurance, steroids work equally well for both the genders.

However, what differs is the spectrum of side effects. All steroids have an androgenic effect. It means that they give masculine looks to women, cause broadening of jaws, hoarsening of voice, growth of facial hair, and may lead to infertility.

It does not mean that steroids are so dangerous for women. In lower doses and when used in a right way, they would cause far fewer adverse effects. Thanks to newer synthetic anabolic steroids, now these drugs have a very low androgenic effect. It means more lean mass and less masculinization.

Competitive sports are harsh. Thus no surprise that women also use steroids extensively, though it is less discussed. As for men, use of steroid in professional sports by women started in the 1950s. And since then it is only gaining popularity. They are also used at amateur levels, to get those abdominal cuts, as steroid help burn fat faster.

Athletes list

Here are some of the most well-known female athletes known to have used steroids:

It is just a small list of women athletes that tested positive, in reality, there are hundreds of professional sportswomen who are known to have used steroids. Exact figures are undoubtedly much higher as the majority of them escape the doping tests.

In short, use of steroids is common among the female athletes, as they work for them too.


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